Tuesday - Week 12

Feature Topic: Touring For New Indie Artists

Module 12: Touring and Merchandising *Due Sunday, April 10
Module 12.3: Going On The Road Assignment
Module 12.7: Design Your Own T-Shirt

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Touring for New Indie Artists

QUESTION... Are Traditional Tours Good for New Indie Artists Today?

Before the Social Media explosion one of the main ways to attract a fan base was to tour across the country. Today this makes it quite difficult for new artists because it is very expensive transporting instruments and equipment, lodging, food, crew, and possible union fees, and the list goes on and on. So what is a new artist to do? ANSWER: Focus on Social Media! Post you music on either YouTube or SoundCloud. Promote yourself using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, even SnapChat, anything to get your name out there and grow your fanbase.

So what are the strategies you can use to build a strong Fan base in the beginning?

1. Crank up your Social Media and build a strong presence. The way you can do this is by paying attention to every one of your followers in the beginning. To grow your fan base you have to appreciate and show interests in your fans so they will like you.

2. Be sure to analyze the data. One way to track your fan location, etc. is with Google Analytics (or something similar). Use this and then you can pinpoint activity for a possible concert down-the-road. It would be silly to have a concert in a city where you don't have any followers, right?!

3. Keep track of Where You are Covered by the Media. Google alerts are good for this, and again it is about building connections. If a particular radio station is pluggin' your song you might want to form a relationship with them for future promotion.

4. Form relationships with other media outlets. Local news/TV morning shows are great to form relationships with to gain future promotion, as well as benefits or events held at a mall or County Fair.

5. Look Around At Artists Like You. Find an established band/artist that is similar to you and see what the do or have done to make themselves successful. Chances are you could take that same or similar concept and make it work for you!

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