New York City

Going from October 31- November 6th, 2013 by Matthew Burkett

Sights to see at destination

I will be going to the Statue of Liberty, the Ground Zero Memorial, a Broadway show (most likely the Lion King), I will go to central park, the Brooklyn Bridge, and also the Empire State Building. With all the fees combined I will spend a total of $228 on all the attractions I will like to see.

Costs of meals

I figured my breakfast and lunch will cost me about $10 a piece since stuff in New York City is a little more expensive than in the south and I figured my dinner would cost me about $20 so each night I will be paying about $40 and for 6 days I will spend a total of $240.

Misecllaneous costs and total

I will be spending about $300 on random costs factoring in the gas I will use and the souvenirs, subway tickets, and clothes I may want to buy in New York City. When I added up all my expenses my trip to New York City will cost me a total of $2,695! If you want to see how my trip is going you can contact me by hitting me up on the information below!