Online Storage


All you need to know about Online Storage:

Online Storage is a browser-based application that allows you to store and access your important files, safely and securely online. Much like a folder on your hard drive, Online Storage allows you to back up your files and stores them in a safe place for you.


1. Saving

Less hardware devices required. So we can save money to upgrade our computer to make it run faster.

2. Security

Storing your personal or sensitive information in the cloud is more secure than storing it in real storage device. Your data will even be encrypted during transmission.

3. Accessibility

Online storage can make it possible to access the data wherever has the internet connection and also accessible from any device ipad, iphone etc.


Online storage services make the long process of backing up easy to accomplish through automation. You simply select what and when you want to back up and the service does the rest.

5. Sharing

Whether you want to share a single photo or an entire folder with hundreds of documents online storage services allow you to easily share files with just a few clicks.


1. Cost

Online storage can cost as much as $4.95 a month for 100GB of storage space. To maintain that 100GB of space will cost about $60 a year. Recently, PC World estimates the cost of a 3TB hard drive to be approximately $100. The hard drive holds more storage space, can be used indefinitely, and costs less. If you store much information, online storage may be cost too much.

2. Loss of Service

When you store information on a hard drive it remains in storage until you erase the hard drive or a malfunction causes the information to be lost. In the interim, you can back-up that information to be stored for later use. If the online storage company you contract with suddenly goes out of business, your data will be lost unless you quickly transfer it.

3. Internet dependent

You will need internet to access the files. Second, transmission speed is also dependent on internet connection. If you have a very large file to upload, but your internet speed is really slow, it will make you waste too much time on waiting it done.

List of Online storage websites:


Google Drive