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Tuesay, May 10, 2016
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New Items

Character Council Co-Sponsor position

We have one of the two Character Council Co-Sponsor positions (with a stipend) available for the 2016-2017 school year. If interested, please let Dr.Huff know by the end of the school day on Friday, May 23, 2016.

4th Quarter Climate Survey Results

Q1. I take pride in working at my school.


Q1: 98.15% Q2: 100% Q3: 100% Q4: 100%


Q1: 1.85%

Q2. Our staff holds high expectations for student learning


Q1: 100% Q2: 100% Q3: 100% Q4: 100%

Q3. There are open channels of communication at our school


Q1: 88.46% Q2: 100% Q3: 95.83% Q4: 96.23% 3.77%


Q!: 11.54% Q3: 4.17% Q4: 3.77%

Q4. There are opportunities for shared decision making


Q1: 78.85% Q2: 94.55% Q3: 93.75% Q4: 96.15%


Q1: 21.15% Q2: 5.45% Q3: 6.25% Q4: 3.85%

Q5. Our school has clear direction on how to improve student learning


Q1: 88.46% Q2: 89.09% Q3: 91.67% Q4: 94.44%


Q1: 11.54% Q2: 5.45% Q3: 6.25% Q4: 3.85%

District Student Survey 15-16 (All Staff)

Q1. I feel safe at my school.

14-15 15-16

92.37% 93.64%

Q2. My school is a good place to learn.

14-15 15-16

93.17% 93.64% 94.37%

Q3. I like going to school.

14-15 15-16

79.60% 80.21%

Q4. Adults in my school care about me.

14-15 15-16

87.47% 84.89%

Q5. This school year, Have you ever been bullied?


30.58% 25.44%

Q6. I set and monitor academic goals

82.68% 85.70%

The attachment provides the climate survey statistics for certified staff, support staff, and the staff for the 2015-2016 school year.

Current School Improvement Plan with updates

The attached SIP contains updates from Q3 as well as several Q4 updates.

Important Information

Nurse Appreciation Week

Nurse Appreciation week is May 6th thru May 12th. Stop by and let Lynne know how much she is appreciated! We are so fortunate to have Mrs. Finnerty on our "team"! #BestSchoolNurseEver

Contracts for Certified Staff

Contracts for the 2016-2017 school year have arrived from District Office. They will be hand delivered to you by Thursday, May 12, 2016. For those teachers who may be absent and do not receive next year's contract this week, your contract will be mailed to you next from District Office.

For Your Information...

Car Wash Month

Once again Waterway Car Wash is pampering educators in the Month of May. Check out their Wednesday specials for educators!


Francis Howell Middle is one of top middle schools in the state. Just today three parents shared with me how much they love our school and that they are so happy that their children attend "our" school. The first parent told me that she researched and researched schools before selecting to move into our attendance area last year. The second parent told me that switching from a small private school was the best decision he and his wife ever made for their three children. He went on to say that he left the option open for his children to attend private high schools, and they gave him a resounding "no thank you". They will stay here in Francis Howell. The third parent explained that he has seen such an positive and incredible transformation within his daughter since arriving here at Howell Middle last year. His family moved into our area from a neighboring school.

Last Three Days of School

Here is the schedule for the last three days of the school year

UPDATED INFORMATION: End of the Year Check Out for Certified Staff

Please see attached UPDATED check out form. There are a couple of new items listed that you will need to complete. They are highlighted in yellow.


For end of year technology repair needs, please submit a work order so that those requests can be completed this summer.


Academic Blackout Dates: May 10-11-12.



8th Grade Finals & Summative Schedule:

May 9-13: ELA Performance Task

May 11-12: Algebra

May 12: US History

May 16-17: French, Spanish, Honors Physical Science


May Birthdays

3 Kristin Justis

6 Julie Ragusky

6 Gary DuBois

7 Denise Korba

12 Katie Durham

13 Caitlin McGinley

27 Jodi Fisher

Upcoming Dates

May 10-12: Academic Blackout dates for 4th quarter.

May 13: 6th Grade Band and Choir Concert 7:00 p.m. Main Gymnasium

May 13: 8th Grade Celebration

May 17: Locker Clean-Out- during CCC

May 18: Half Day. Celebration-Field Day/CCC Awards

May 19: Half Day. Assembly/All 7 classes meet

May 19: Retirement Luncheon 12:30 p.m. Cafeteria

May 20: Teacher Work Day (.5)