Blue & Silver Newsletter

For the week of 1/8/18

Important Dates

1/15 No School

1/17 Yearbook Prices Increase (Yearbook Flier here)

1/19 End of 2nd 9 weeks

1/24 Healthy Family Night (5:30 - 7:30)

Our Learning Targets

Reading: We can compare and contrast two non-fiction texts.

Writing: We can use commas correctly in our writing.

Social Studies: We can identify the accomplishments of La Salle. We can identify how his journeys impacted Texas.

Math: We can represent decimals, including tenths and hundredths, using concrete and visual models and money. We can compare and order decimals using concrete and visual models to the hundredths. We can relate decimals to fractions that name tenths and hundredths.

Science: We can research a Native Texas organism of our choice to find out how their structures and functions enable the organism to survive in their environment, identify inherited traits and learned behaviors (if any), and illustrate their life cycle.

Spelling List for the week

understand, moon, animals, mind, outside, valley, hockey, melody, drowsy, chimney, movie, injury, daily, alley, prairie

Bonus Words: aggressive, ancestors, domesticated, mastodons, morphed

Second Step

Managing Anxiety

Effectively managing your anxiety makes it easier to focus and succeed in social and academic situations.

Students will be able to:

- Identify situations that cause anxiety

- Apply what they’ve learned about calming down to anxiety-provoking scenarios, including academic challenges

Looking for Second Step Home Links?

Classroom Shutterfly

The Room Reps for our classes have put together a Shutterfly site for our classes. If you haven't joined yet, here is the information:

Shutterfly Information & Photo Sharing Site - Did you know...

Our Averitt / Torres class has a Shutterfly site!

The purpose is to help keep you informed, track calendar events and messaging as well as collect & share photos from classroom activities!

If you are interested in access, please contact us, or click this link to request access:

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