Causes of the Civil War

Colton Hasty


Today I will be telling you details about the Civil War.

The Missouri Compromise (1820)

The Missouri Compromise started when Missouri wanted to become a slave state. That unbalanced the states and so Henry Clay decided to make a compromise. Henry drew an imaginary line that split the US in half. North was free and South was slave.

Compromise of 1850 (1850)

The Compromise of 1850 had five laws passed. California became a free state, but unbalanced the Missouri Compromise Line. The Fugitive Slave Act was passed, pretty much making the entire country a slave country. Washington D.C. couldn't make anymore slave trades, but were allowed to keep the slaves they had.

Bleeding Kansas (1854-1861)

Kansas wanted to become a state but it unbalanced the free and slave states. Majority vote would tell if they became free or slave. Missouri secretly came over and voted for Kansas to become slave, and slave won. Missouri became part of the government and then Kansas decided to make their own government, so two governments were controlling one state.

Dred Scott Decision (1857)

Dred Scott was a slave of Dr. John Emerson, an army surgeon.. He died and Dred Scott had been "freed" from slavery. That was until Johns wife took him. Dred Scott had been on free land when John died so he technically was free but the court said he wasn't because he wasn't a citizen

John Browns Raid (1859)

John Browns Raid happened when one of the violent abolitionists, John Brown, decided to free some slaves. He went to Harpers Ferry and fought, hoping that the slaves would join him. Instead they stood back and watched the fight. Theye were scared of their owners beating them if they went to the other side to fight the battle, and lost.


I personally believe that the Civil war could've been avoided. The Compromise of 1850 is what I think caused it the most. We didn't need the extra land but we were greedy and took it, then had to pay the consequence.