Subscription Manual

Manual to subscribe for the Careerday 2013

How to start

Click on this link, you are directly directed to the right page on the makeamove website.

Here your subscription will start!

Step by step subscription

  1. Select the activities in which you would like to participate, click 'toon info' to see if the activity is in English or Dutch and what the activity is about.
  2. Done? Click 'Volgende' at the bottom of the page.
  3. A new window will open, here you have to create a new account. Click on 'Geen account?', in the window there will appear a fill out form. Fill out this form, translation is below this textbox. If you have a LinkedIn-account use it to log in, your linkedIn-CV will be automaticly uploaded.
  4. Done? Click on 'Meld aan' to log in. An email will be send to the emailadress you filled in. You have to activate your account by clicking on the link in the email you receive.
  5. A new window will open, click on the button 'inloggen' to log in. A new window will open with dutch questions in it. You can skip this, it's not neccessary to fill out. If you do want to fill it out, translation is below.
  6. Your account is activated, go to 'mijn persoonlijke pagina' (upper right corner).
  7. Fill in your profile, translation below.
  8. Go to the tab CV in your personal profile and upload your CV in 'bestand uploaden'.
  9. Now your profile is done. For subscription for the Careerday go to: Events
  10. Then click on 'Stad' and select Wageningen, two events will appear.
  11. Click on 'Schrijf je nu in'
  12. Here you are again at the point of selecting activities. Check if your preferences are still selected. After that click on 'Volgende'.
  13. You'll get an overview of your selected activities. Click on 'Betalen' to pay for the Careerday.
  14. Pay via iDeal, if you've paid it will say in a new window. Your subscription is done! In a couple of days you will receive an email with more information.

Questions? Mail to

Translation fill out form

Registreer met = Register with

E-mailadres* = Mail adress

Wachtwoord* = Password

Bevestig wachtwoord* = Confirm Password

Man = Male

Vrouw = Female

Meld aan = Log in

Translation Profile

Voornaam = First name
Achternaam = Surname
Geslacht = Gender
Man = Male
Vrouw = Female
Geboortedatum = Date of Birth
Universiteit = University
Studie = Study
Studiefase = Studyfase
Adres gegevens
Adres = Adress
Postcode = Postal Code
Woonplaats = residence
Land = Country
Telefoon = Telephonenumber
Ervaring = Experience

Mijn gemiddelde cijfer tot op heden is > 7
My Average grade is higher than 7

Ik heb commissie/bestuurs-ervaring (5-20 uur per week)
I have had a boardposition or committee-experience (5-20 hours a week)

Ik heb commissie/bestuurs-ervaring (>20 uur per week)
I have had a boardposition or committee-experience (more than 20 hours a week)

Ik heb een studie-relevante stage gedaan (>3mnd)
I did a study-relevant internship (more than 3 months)

Ik heb een studie-relevante bijbaan gedaan
I have had a study-relevant job

Ik heb buitenland ervaring
I have international experience

Ik heb topsport ervaring
I have high level sports experience (national team etc.)

Ik heb een eigen onderneming
I have my own company

Ik heb een Honours programma gedaan
I have done a Honours program

Ik verwacht meerdere universitaire masters af te ronden
I expect to get two master degrees