Caracas, Venezuela

Beautiful City with great foods,people, and beaches.

Foods From Venezuela

Great food you have to try to believe.Common Venezuelan foods are chicken,pigs, garlic rice, and oils. At regular restaurants meals cab be just a soup.Other foods are black beans, plantains, and rice. Coffe is the most loved out of any other drink.

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Tourism In Venezuela

Tourism in Venezuela is awesome! Venezuelans usually play sports, watch TV, or talk with friends. Tourism in Venezuela is one of its main resources for their economy. In Venezuela there is Angel Falls, the tallest waterfall in the world.Venezuela is renowned for its beaches and scuba diving. You should come to Caracas!

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Venezuelan Language

English won't be enough in Caracas.The national Language is spanish. Venezuelans know some english but basic terms. Some indians in Venezuela speak different languages. Venezuelans are usually catholic(religion). If you visit, be sure to learn some spanish!

Great weather you'll love!

If you go to the andes, be sure to pack a sweater! Temperatures are usually tropical in Caracas, Venezuela! May through December is usually rainy. The climate varies according to altitude. You need to feel this weather!

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Historical/Beautiful Places

Here are places you MUST visit! The tallest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls! Also, the beautiful Lake Maracaibo. The 5608 meter wide Para Falls! And the great white sand beaches of the coast of Venezuela. You're missing out if you don't visit these places!

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Things to do in Venezuela!

Great things you MUST do in Caracas.Men usually wear suits, shirts, and ties. Women usually wear dresses, shirts, blouses, or suits. The national sport for Venezuela is Baseball. Venezuelans play sports, watch TV, or talk with friends.

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