ELA Stations

Week of September 19-23

Station 1 - Vocabulary

For each of your vocabulary cards, you are to make a flashcard. Afterwards you may go here and study those words.

You have a test on these words Friday, so use your time wisely!

Station 2 - Main Idea Task cards

Do THESE main idea task cards. Write your answers on the record sheet found in your folder.

I will be taking this up for a grade!

Station 3 - Multiple meaning words

Complete the Multiple meaning word worksheet in your folder. Be sure to do the challenge at the end!
**These are challenging so take your time!**

I will be taking this up for a grade!

Station 4 - Preffix/Suffix

With your group, go over the preffixes/suffixes and their meanings. Then play "memory" with the green cards.
**The instructions are included in the bag**

Station 5 - Teacher table

You will be coming to the back table to work with Ms. Phinney. We will be working on main idea. Please bring a pencil with you!