Global Warming

By Kara Deskin

What is Global Warming?

  • Land, water, and air give off heat that goes to the sky, gasses like water vapor, CO2, and methane capture the heat, and prevent it from escaping into space.
  • That is considered the greenhouse effect because it keeps the planet warm. When too much of the gasses are let into the Earth from living modern day lives, fossil fuels and CO2 can trap heat, and warm up Earth at a dangerous level.
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Why is This a Problem?

  • CO2 is 30% greater than 150 years ago, so the Earth should be warmed up from 2-9 degrees Fahrenheit over the next 50-100 years.
  • Glaciers will melt, water would expand and flood, hotter and drier planet.
  • Forest fires will occur, it will be hard to grow crops, less water for drinking and other water usage.
  • Species will become extinct, dangerous natural disasters could occur more often from change of heat and water evaporation.
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  1. Less energy can be used and solar power can be used- TVs, cars, computers, light

  • Less fossil fuels will be burned- Since electricity requires fossil fuels, and electricity will be used less, then fossil fuels will not be burned as often to release gasses into the environment that will heat the Earth too much.
  • Anyone can ride their bike our turn off a light, and it helps significantly.
  • Solar power is a renewable resource, and the sun will always remain.
  • Solar power requires low maintenance, and it can be installed on rooftops.


  • People rely on electricity and energy in their everyday lives, and as more advanced technology comes out people will use more fossil fuels.
  • Solar power can cost lots of money to use, and if each panel costs a lot, than your total bill could be large.
  • Solar power only produces light during the day while the sun is out.
  • Your roof may not be big enough for solar energy, and solar energy is expensive to store.
2. Plant plants and trees in the environment.

  • Less CO2 will be in the air because plants take in CO2, less heat will be on the planet.
  • Plants provide shade and windbreaks to keep buildings at even temperatures. Less money will be spent on heating and cooling.
  • Trees can evaporate water to the atmosphere and create clouds that can cool the planet.
  • They can absorb sunlight and hold heat near ground level.

  • It will cost money to grow new trees or plants- money will be spent to buy lots of plants and trees.
  • Plants and Trees can take up water- their roots take in water, and if there is not a stream nearby, the water does not go anywhere, and it is wasted.
  • Trees do not last forever, and some will die.
  • It will take a long time for trees to grow that will absorb enough CO2.

The Best Solution

Preserving energy or using solar panels because-

  1. Anyone can use less energy any day.
  2. Solar power is using the sun, which will never disappear.
  3. It will benefit the planet in the long run.