Nancy Lublin

Nancy Lublin is the CEO of Do Something Inc., is the creator of Dress for Success, and if the founder of Crisis Text Line. Do Something is an organization that encourages teens to contribute and volunteer for causes that they are interested in. Dress for Success is a nonprofit organization that provides interview attire and training to women. The Crisis Text Line was the first free, 24/7, nationwide text line for teens. As one could imagine, running 3 different organizations is difficult and time consuming. Running so many business also takes maturity, focus, and determination, all which are characteristics of a great leader. Obviously Nancy is a great leader, but she is also a great role model. She is so determined to help other people, and is so good a putting other people and their needs before hers. Anyone could only hope to possess the great characteristics that she has. Lublin has displayed an immense amount of leadership in all three of these organizations. Her organizations would not be as successful as they are today if not for her great leadership skills.

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