My Name Is America

The Journal of Scott Pendleton Collins, by Walter Dean Myers


This jounal is about a 17 year old boy from central virginia writes down his experiences from D-Day invasion of Normandy.


The theme is to let people that read this book know how bad and horrifying it was to be in this war. When they got out of their boats on the Omaha beach the ocean was red, bodies floating everywhere, bullets flying right past your face. You would be hoping to wake up the next morning and be alive.


The author used a lot of historical facts because all he did was rewrite the journal so it's all historical facts. I would think that he didn't change anything because it's all there in the journal so the author wouldn't need to change anything in the book. A total of 675,000 American soldiers were wounded in World War II, and 292,000 were killed or missing in action.
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