Salmon Week 15 Update

December 14-22, 2015

Have a Merry Christmas and see you in the New Year!!


We have been working hard on our National Parks Papers and presentations. All posters are due Tuesday, December 15th. It is a good idea to transport them in a plastic "trash bag". This helps not only with handles but protects our hard work.

Reading: Students read Paul Bunyan, a tall tale this week and our reading skill was making generalizations about our reading. One student said, "'s like writing a topic sentence." Yes, it is using details from our reading to make an overlying statement about a character, setting, event or the entire story.

Writing: The badges for our parks are almost done. The students worked in small groups to design and make a "badge" that represented their specific poster. The most important skill was learning to work together in a group and share ideas and talents. This is a difficult skill that students are required to have mastered and a younger and younger age. I think we did pretty good.

Science: The students are enjoying our unit on the brain and how it drives so many functions in our body. I too have learned a lot. This will continue until Winter Break.

Social Studies: We are wrapping up our unit on the Southeast and will be heading to the Northeast. During this unit students will focus on the Revolutionary War and the making our our country.

We Won!! - Thank you KBZK!!!

One Class at a Time sponsored by KBZK and First Interstate Bank awarded our class with a check for 250.00 this week. What a great surprise for us. The students and I were surprise to see a tv crew arrive in the classroom to present the check and interview us. Please watch the airing of the surprise on Monday, December 21st at 5:30 and 10:00PM.

What a great surprise and the kids are going to submit requests for novel sets next week.

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Peek into the Week (After Break)

Reading: We will be reassessing students using Dibels and STARR. This may mean that some changes may occur for Walk to Read groups. This is a super way for kids to "show what they know". Dibels will be occurring the week of January 11th.

We will beginning reading "The Case of the of the Gasping Garbage". This focuses on inferring and visualizing while reading the text.

In science we will be moving on to the three states of matter: solid, liquids and gasses.

Social Studies will be still about the Northeast Region of the United States.

Note from the PTC

"We're needing some help with the bazaar selling tickets, roar store and cleanup. Please take a look, help if you can, and let people know to check it out. I sent an email last night and will follow up tomorrow. I was hoping to sell tickets before the Christmas programs but I cannot be at every event. If we can't get help, we'll just call it good and do the drawings on Friday at the end of the event.”