Head Start Leadership

July 31, 2014

Where has the summer gone?

Do you remember, as a child, how summer vacation seemed almost endless? I keep expecting that "one of these days" my days will return to that nice relaxed pace - but in reality, the minutes and hours just keep speeding up. Chances are that I'm not the only one feeling that we are just about ready to step on that roller coaster that will take us through the school year. We have a lot of balls in the air right now, getting ready for staff training and opening up our classrooms, and I want to take a moment to thank you for the dedication and devotion you have demonstrated this summer to making our operations and services align with GISD's theme of Leadership, Service and Innovation.

We have accomplished much and are well on our journey. If you think about our shared work as a cycle, we are at the point of doing some major review, policy making and planning to get ready for implementation

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For Monday, August 4, let's plan to meet at 1:30 - 4:00 with the purpose of:

  • finishing team lists
  • job descriptions
  • questions about confidentiality forms and newsletters.