Gold Wedding Ring

Choosing the Elegant Gold Wedding Ring for Your Loved Ones

Gold wedding bands are fashionable and nowadays they are in high demand. They signify fidelity and commitment. The gold wedding ring was initially worn only by the young girls and ladies, but nowadays it’s become very common for both men and women or we can say that they’re worn by the bride as well as groom. These simple gold rings continue to be famous because you can easily maintain them.

Gold is a very common metal and you can easily purchase it. It has its own symbolic significance in many religions and cultures. The gold wedding ring is one of the very common symbolic significance. In France, a wedding band having 3 interwoven rings is very trendy and popular representing the different Christian values of love, hope, and faith. In traditional culture, the puzzle bands - upon the right arrangement of these bands, these forms a single wedding band - traditionally speaks about the woman's monogamy.

Choose Right Gold Ring

Before buying a gold wedding ring the first thing you’ve to get the right information about gold. The most important property of gold is that it is a soft metal. That’s you can easily give different shapes to gold. The purest form of gold is the 24 k gold. And this is very expensive.

For casual wear, it is always advisable to have the gold ring with lower karat. In this case, 18k gold could be the decent choice. It is generally made with 25% alloy and 75% gold. This makes your gold ring less expensive and stronger. The most well-known is the 14k gold band and good for normal wear. If we compare 14k gold with purest versions then you’ll find its color as pale yellow.

Enhance the Appearance

Gold with a single sapphire set gives an attractive look and so does a gold wedding ring with many small diamonds set.

Another type of jewels like emerald, sapphire, ruby and others, all look beautiful and captivating on gold. The yellowish metal gives a good contrast with these different jewels. This gives your gold ring an elegant look.

If you want the traditional look then yellow gold is the right choice. Go for the latest designs which are best and reflects your personality. That’s why; Celtic wedding bands generally use gold. The main property of this metal is that it can easily be molded to various designs, patterns, and knots.

Modern Options

Other than the Yellow Gold, you’ve variety of options like Green Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold. With varying preferences, the majority of people are nowadays going for these gold options. White Gold wedding ring is the most preferable and popular among these just because of its stylish and contemporary look. If we talk about platinum then it is cheapest one. It is the best option to have on the wedding occasion.

You can also have a two-tone effect by using different inlays of rose or white with the conventional yellow gold. This particular breaks the dullness of yellow and offers your wedding band a new look. Find More