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Skill Development Camp

Our skills camp is coming up next Monday thru Wednesday. The camp will take place at the High School from 9:00 AM-4:00 PM. We will take a lunch break from 12:00-1:00. Campers can bring their own lunch and we will also have a concession stand open if they wish to buy something from there. We will have pizza, gatorade, pretzels and snacks in the concession stand.

I have listed below the campers who we have down as pre-registered for our shooting camp. If you sent in a form and do not see your athlete on the list please shoot me an email to dscott@indianhoops.com. We will still take walk up registration on the day of the camp.

Thanks and we are looking forward to camp next week.

Camper Name

Amos, Tyler

Borgfield, Grant

Brothers, Aubrey

Cole, Lillie

Cook, Koby

Cook, Maile

Garcia, Brynson

Goodwin, Whitney

Harmon, Brendan

Holdman, Gavin

Jefferson, Chris

Loy, Caleb

Loy, Mason

Martin, Grayson

Metzger, Gracie

Metzger, Maillorie

Puls, Cole

Rangel, Makayla

Raspberry, Blake

Respondek, Jay

Reynolds, Damian

Rushing, Austin

Settle, Mason

Tally, Luke

Thompson, Elisha

Tribble, Karmine

Watkins, Landon

Watson, Dyson

Webb, Trey

Wilson, Deshaun

1st Day of Skill Development Camp

Monday, June 25th, 9am-4pm

Jackson Event Center

This is our most intense camp. Local high School coaches and former college basketball players work the camp. This allows for the number of coaches to campers to stay in a ratio were individual development and coaching take place throughout the week.

1st Day of Youth Skills Camp II

Monday, July 16th, 8am-12pm

Jackson Event Center

Our second youth camp will start up on Monday, July 16th. Sign up if you haven't already to work on your game.

Shooting Camp

We just finished up our shooting camp this week. The campers did a great job of working hard and being coachable. The shooting checklist below here is what we gave each camper to take with them. We encouraged the campers to have someone video them shooting so they could critique their form using the checklist. The junior high players also got a list of shooting drills and standards to challenge themselves with this summer.

Shooting Checklist


Feet- Shoulder wide and in an athletic stance

Hips- Sink your hips to explode off the ground

Shoulders- Back so you can jump up

Rhythm- Ball in the air-feet in the air


Catch the ball with two hands and two eyes

Get your eyes up quickly on the target as soon as you catch



Get the ball to your shooting hip.

Wrist cocked (pre-wrinkled)

Elbow above your forehead

Follow Thru

Finger- How I hold the basketball with the seams and finger placement. Follow thru- I should put my finger above the rim and in the rim.

Hold your follow thru till the ball goes thru the net.

Off Hand- My off hand should go to my wrist. It should not move up and my thumb should not move forward.

When great shooters miss they always miss long.

Reasons for missing short, left or right

Short- Balance(hips or shoulders), wrist and follow thru

Right or Left- Balance(feet too close), eyes, elbow under ball and alignment