Springfield Council of PTAs Monthly

Volume 4, Issue 2/March 2020

Please Make Every Effort to Attend Our SCPTA General Meeting THIS WEDNESDAY!

Wednesday, March 4th, 9:15am

3319 North Grant Avenue

Springfield, MO

We're looking forward to seeing everyone at our next meeting at Hillcrest High School and answering any questions your unit might have about nominating committee, electronic votes, slate of officers, etc., answering any other questions you might have about anything about your unit, and giving you an opportunity to share any successes and great ideas that have worked for your unit.

Please feel free to bring any unit officers and members who would be interested in attending with you!

Please allow for extra time to present your state-issued picture ID for the new Visitor Management System. Thank you!

A Letter from Your Council President

By Julia Spiva


Greetings to everyone on behalf of the SCPTA Board of Directors! I’d like to thank everyone who helped make the Founders’ Day Volunteer of the Year Banquet a success! A special note of thanks to Mr. Kirk Elmquist for being an outstanding Emcee, to Dr. Bill Powers, Principal of Kickapoo High School for hosting our event, and Board of Education President, Tim Rosenbury and SCPTA BOE Advisor Gerry Lee for their help recognizing the VOYs! Thanks to Anne Burdick, Kickapoo PTSA President, and her fantastic crew for the beautiful decorations!

The next few months are going to be a flurry of activity in the PTA world, and your Council is here to help. We have a calendar of events and posts that will keep you and your unit informed and on top of deadlines and procedures, so be sure to check the SCPTA Facebook page and the President's Network and make sure you've signed up for Remind to receive updates.

  • The first deadline I’d like to mention is turning in your slate of new officers and their information to MOPTA, which is due March 31.
  • Make plans now to attend our General Membership Meeting April 1 at Study Alternative School, which will include a program on Diversity & Inclusion.
  • We are looking forward to our ribbon cutting at The PTA Clothing Bank the next day on April 2 at 11 am to celebrate joining more than 120 other, not-for-profit organizations as members of the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce.
  • Be sure to vote online for our Big Hat from April 2 to April 26 for the Big Hat Fantasy Extravaganza! And then plan to join us on April 26 for the event at the Old Glass Place on St. Louis Street.
  • Get your tickets now for the 2020 Missouri PTA Convention & Reflections Celebration at the Hilton, St. Louis Frontenac May 1-3, 2020.

And finally, congratulations to the Care & McBride Scholarship recipients!
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NOTICE: Election Postponed Until April Meeting

Due to unforeseen circumstances, SCPTA will not be holding an election of 2020-2021 Council officers at our March meeting as planned. The nominating committee will reconvene and will present a slate of candidates at the April meeting, at which time nominations will also be accepted from the floor.

THANK YOU to Our Meeting Sponsor Code Ninjas

Code Ninjas teaches coding to kids age 5-14 through video game and robotics-based curriculum. Code Ninjas understands the importance of learning the language of programming and how this knowledge can change kids’ lives. They also understand how hard it is to provide this level of education to students. Code Ninjas has the staff, equipment, curriculum, and knowledge to provide schools with a program that meets the education standards of the state that is fun and engaging.

"Learning to code has changed our own team’s lives, and we know by providing this to our community in a bigger way, we can provide amazing opportunities for this generation too!" says Center Director Audra Lehman.

Lehman says Code Ninjas will roll out a PRO program beginning in the coming months that will be for those 15 and over (adults included!).

Code Ninjas would love to partner with PTA/PTSA units to provide scholarships for Code Ninjas camps, provide field trips, and bring activities to your school for a STEM/Science Night. Please be sure to stop by their table at our meeting and talk with Audra Lehman or Jason Hansen about partnership possibilities!
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Founder's Day--Celebrating Our Outstanding Examples

Founders’ Day (February 17) is when we celebrate the legacy and work of our founders—Alice McLellan Birney, Phoebe Apperson Hearst, and Selena Sloan Butler—to better the lives of every child in education, health, and safety. It is a time to reflect and take pride in our achievements, and renew our commitment to being:

  • a powerful voice for all children;
  • a relevant resource for parents; and
  • a strong advocate for public education.

Our founders represented women of imagination and courage. They had a simple idea—to improve the lives and future of all children. They understood the power of individual action, worked beyond the accepted barriers of their day, and took action to change the world for all children.

Volunteers of the Year -- Celebrating Our Current & Future Leaders

Andrea Vergara, Carver Middle School

"What PTSA means to me is we bust our behinds often and knowing that students
and staff are excited to know we are there to help."

Reginna Hagemeier, Central High School

"PTA let me have a meaningful way to show support to my school. Before coming to Central, I had been a member of other PTAs, but I found a voice at Central to really feel I could make a difference for our kids. So, PTA means to me being able to really make a difference in our student's lives and being surrounded by others who also feel the same."

Missy Robb, Cherokee Middle School

"PTA is a way I can share my skills and talents with my child's school. It's a way for me to show I care about my child's education as well as being involved in their world. It's a way for my voice to be heard and effectively affect change."

Elizabeth Sage, Cherokee Middle School

"PTA is a great example of how a small group of dedicated & different people can come together and form a great team and work for a cause for our kids. It's personally rewarding to volunteer my time & skills for my son's school and feel connected. I want to set that example for him the value of always lending a helping hand."

Lacey Soper, Delaware Elementary

"To me, PTA means bridging the gap between school and home."

Amie Catlett, Walt Disney Elementary

"For me, PTA means a community of parents and teachers working together toward one common goal, to see children succeed, enjoy learning, and make lifelong friendships. Being part of the Disney PTA and the RIF coordinator is such a blessing!"

Jamie Gillham, Eugene Field Elementary

"PTA means getting involved at my child's school, having family-friendly events for our school community, and being able to provide our staff with necessary and wish list items to enhance our students' learning."

Alison Brawner, Glendale High School

"My biggest job as a member of Glendale PTSA is I get to be a cheerleader, support, a resource, another set of hands to help GHS staff empower this next generation. It's just such a thrill and an honor for me to have this opportunity."

Kristin Drennan, Wanda Gray Elementary

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands— one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” —Audrey Hepburn

Kathleen Rice, David Harrison Elementary
“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” -Maya Angelo

Lauren Sawyer, Hickory Hills Elementary
"Being involved in PTA allows me to support and give back to the teachers and school that are helping me shape my children’s lives. It’s been about building important relationships with teachers and staff, other parents, and my children’s peers. I’m so glad I decided to join PTA when my oldest started kindergarten!"

Taryn Raidel, Hickory Hills Middle School
"PTSA has given me the opportunity to build new relationships throughout our school and district. Through relationships and communication, we can locate the proper resources to promote success among our next generation."

Susan Ellis-Holdorf, Hillcrest High School
"PTSA is a way any parent or concerned person can help not only their child but all children receive the best education by supporting the role the school and teachers play in their local community. My mom did for me, and I am carrying the torch to pass on."

Stephanie Walters, Holland Elementary
"PTA Means supporting the amazing facility and families at Holland."

Jordan Rodriguez, Jarrett Middle School
"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much" -Helen Keller

Donna Bryant, Jeffries Elementary

"The PTA organization provides invaluable support in so many ways to the students, faculty, and parents. I know for me as a parent and grandparent they care about the students and the family. They have activities that foster caring and compassion to help the family and the school. I thank the PTA for all of their time and energy they provide to our schools!"

Anne Burdick, Kickapoo High School

"PTA means community. We need to do what we can, with what we have, to make our communities stronger." “The noblest art is that if making others happy.”
-PT Barnum

Brianna Rosselit, Horace Mann Elementary

"To me, the PTA means providing a community of support for teachers and students. My mother’s involvement in the PTA was such a positive impact on my childhood; I want to provide that to my own children."

Misty DeLong, McBride Elementary

"McBride PTA has become our school family. My husband and I love to be able to help out the children and teachers by making incredible memories and give support to anyone that needs it. We strive, as a PTA, to welcome new families, get familiar with kids, and fulfill as much need as possible. My goal with being on PTA has always been to leave the school an even better place than it was when we first got there."

Kim Flores, Parkview High School
"I don’t ask myself, “Why, PTA?” Each of us has a responsibility to teach our children to be good citizens; to live not only for ourselves and our own families but for all people. It’s part of my role as a human being and as a parent to help bring together my fellow parents, the children, the teachers, and our community members because a healthy school, where everyone has a voice and participates, is good for the whole community."

Jenn Montgomery, Pershing Middle School

"PTSA means More to me. More friendships, encouragement, and engagement for Parents - More support, resources, and appreciation for Teachers - More activities, opportunities, and fun for Students."

Michelle Brown, Pleasant View Elementary

"PTA is how I feel involved with my girls’ school, teachers and other parents. I believe in support systems, whether it’s family, friends, or a church family. When it comes to school, I feel that PTA is the support system. It’s my pleasure to give support, and I am thankful that in times when I need some, the fellow parents are there! As a working mom, it makes me feel very happy to be able to help when I can and feel like I am a part of the Pleasant View family. Some of the activities put together by the PTA are what kids will remember most about their elementary years. I love to see their faces when it all comes together."

Shelly Hill, Robberson Community School
"To me, PTA means fun with kids, teamwork, & providing support to families and staff."

Natalie Batchelor, Rountree Elementary
“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” -1Peter4:10

Kayla Friesen,Sequiota Elementary
"As a former teacher and mother of three, I’ve seen schools with active PTAs and schools with little or no interaction between community and school. The difference is huge and can be seen in areas such as student achievement, facility upkeep, faculty and student morale, school spirit, and community connectedness. PTAs make our schools stronger."

Kayla Baker, Sherwood Elementary
"Servant leadership means to me that we (the parents) are the connection between the school and our children. If I could help out and do a task, then the teacher or school can focus on other things and provide more or in different ways."

Candice Carson, Sunshine Elementary
"PTA is a way for parents to come together with the staff to make school a fun and safe place for all of the students."

Stephen Perkins, Sunshine Elementary

“Being a member and officer of the PTA is not only an opportunity to contribute to my child’s academic experience but also to promote the development of my community. It is a privilege to offer service and to be a positive influence in the lives of my neighbors.”

Valerie Creed Pruitt, Laura Ingalls Wilder Elementary
"As a former public school teacher, I understand how much our teachers and faculty pour their hearts into our children with their time and energy. It is my honor to be a part of the Wilder PTA, and in some small way, help to express our gratitude and admiration to those who serve our children and our community so well."

Caitlin Villalobos, Wilson’s Creek Intermediate
“No one ever made a difference being like everyone else” P.T. Barnum

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Use the following 4-digit PIN to download photos: Download PIN: 4733

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Calling On All Units--Your PTA Clothing Bank Needs Spring & Summer Clothing!

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Tips from The Treasurer

By Leslie Norman


As we are now past the halfway point in the school year, NOW is the time to start building a preliminary budget for the upcoming year. For treasurers turning over to a new treasurer, start including the new officer. Bits of information are much better digested than when all information is dumped at one time!

When looking at building 2020-2021 Budget, reach out to current committees and your unit for direction on if you had enough money in some areas, too much money in other areas, or need to consider new areas for funding. It is nice to have a new budget voted on and in place prior to the end of the school year. This allows for budget expenses to be covered right away instead of waiting for a budget approval vote.

Reminder before you can vote on your budget, it must be presented and posted 30 days prior to voting. After approval, the budget is a working guideline and can be adjusted with a proper vote.

Unlike other officer positions, the treasurer position overlaps with the new treasurer until the end of the fiscal year (7/1 for most units).

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February Legislative Report From Missouri PTA

The Missouri Primary takes place on Super Tuesday, March 10, 2020. This is a big election year for our country. It’s a presidential election year, and many legislators will also be elected. Remember to use your voice and vote!

Missouri Legislative Session: The 2020 Legislative session began on January 6, 2020. This is the 100th General Assembly of Missouri. There are many bills that have been filed that MOPTA will be watching closely. Below are the most significant two issues we are watching this session, and all incorporated bill numbers.

HB 1733, HB 2068, SB 581, SB 707
Establish the Missouri Empowerment/Show Me a Brighter Future Scholarship Accounts Program

MO PTA Opposes these bills. The Missouri Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program and Show Me a Brighter Future Scholarship Accounts Program are of particular concern for PTA because these programs would create an account that would allow taxpayers to make a qualifying contribution to an educational assistance organization and claim a tax credit, as described in the act. The tax credit is for one hundred percent of the amount of the contribution. The tax credit may be carried forward for four years and may be transferred, sold, or assigned. The scholarships will be used in private schools, effectively creating a voucher system in Missouri.

HB 1664, HB 1487,SB 525, SB 603, SB 649, SB 734

Charter School expansion bills would expand Charter Schools without vital performance requirements, efficiency and fiscally efficient practices, public accountability, and equitable enrollment for ALL children. Charter Schools receive special treatment, and applying students can be turned away for any reason. These bills attempt to funnel public funds to private schools that lack financial and educational oversight. Under these bills, charter schools could be controlled by non-public organizations and sponsored by outside entities. These schools would not have to be held to the same evaluation standards as public schools.

In addition, the 2020 session will have bills on restraint and seclusion, lowering the age to carry firearms, childhood vaccinations, and powdered alcohol. As bills begin to progress in the process, please be watching for JC/DC Action Alerts and take action. Please encourage your members to sign up for the alerts too. Sign up is easy and takes a few moments. The greater the presence we have with our legislators, the more we can advocate for the children of Missouri.

A complete list of bills currently being followed by Missouri PTA can be found on mopta.org under Advocacy –Capitol Chatter.
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Find your Legislators by entering your mailing address:

Sign Up for Legislative Alerts

Sign up for Legislative alerts at https://mopta.org/category/advocacy/action-alerts/

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SCPTA $500 Scholarship Available at YOUR High School

Units, did you know that as a Council you help fund senior scholarships at each of the five high schools and Study Alternative Center?!

Thanks to all of you, six seniors who apply through their school will receive a $500 scholarship, which our Scholarship Chair pays to their higher education institution for their first semester.

Be sure to check with your Principal and Senior Counselors to be sure the word and application are getting to this year's seniors. The scholarships are rotated on an annual basis, so here is a list of our high schools and their current scholarship:

2019-2020 Springfield Council of PTAs Scholarships

Central High School -- The PTA Grace Carr Scholarship is awarded to a person who is enrolled or plans to enroll in an accredited full course of study at Ozarks Technical Community College (OTC); this scholarship is rotated annually among the Springfield R-12 high schools; the recipient is determined by the high school’s staff scholarship committee.

Glendale High School -- The PTA Joan Keiser Scholarship is awarded to a person who plans to enroll in an accredited full course of study in a Missouri liberal arts college or university; this scholarship rotates annually among the Springfield R-12 high schools; the recipient is determined by the high school’s staff scholarship committee.

Parkview High School -- The PTA Helen Smith Scholarship is awarded to a person who plans to enroll in an accredited full course of study in teacher education at a Missouri liberal arts college or university; this scholarship is rotated annually among the Springfield R-12 high schools; the recipient is determined by the high school’s staff scholarship committee.

Hillcrest High School -- The Springfield PTA Scholarship to a 2-year Institution is awarded to a student who plans to enroll in an accredited full course of study at a Missouri technical college. This scholarship is rotated annually among the Springfield R-12 high schools; the recipient is determined by the high school's staff scholarship committee.

Kickapoo High School -- The Springfield PTA Scholarship to a 4-year Institution is awarded to a student who plans to enroll in an accredited full course of study at a Missouri 4-year college or university. This scholarship is rotated annually among the Springfield R-12 high schools; the recipient is determined by the high school's staff scholarship committee.

Study Alternative Center -- The SCPTA Study Student Scholarship is awarded to a student who will enroll in an accredited full course of study at a Missouri accredited 2-year college or university; a Missouri accredited 4-year college or university; an accredited full course of study at Ozarks Technical Community College (OTC); or an accredited full course of study in teacher education at a Missouri college or university. The recipient is determined by the high school's staff scholarship committee.

Join Us as we Celebrate Diversity Month in April at Study Alternative Center

Be sure to watch this invitation from our own Diversity & Inclusion Advisor Toi Allen!
Diversity and Inclusion Video

PTA Clothing Bank to Defend "Big Hats" Champion Title in April

The PTA Clothing Bank has accepted the challenge to defend our “Big Hats" 2019 Champion title by again participating in this year's Big Hats Fantasy Extravaganza. So, for this year's event, PTA Clothing Bank veteran volunteers Terry Dunham and Janetta Terry are working on a new hat creation and costume.

Voting for the event will take place online at bighats.ozarkschorus.org from April 2 to April 26--just before the live event at the Old Glass Place on St. Louis Street. If the PTA Clothing Bank is the winner again, we will use the prize money to purchase new socks and underwear for SPS students.

So, what can you do to help? Put together a list of friends and family and ask them to go online and vote for our big hat. We need everyone’s vote! This year, 10 charities are competing instead of five like last year. They are all eager to beat the PTA Clothing Bank and gain the title.

Remember, the more money we raise during the online voting period, the more students we can help! Get your lists ready and start talking it up! WE WANT TO WIN IN 2020!

Congratulations to All Our Reflections Winners!


Musical Composition

  • 1st -Victoria Guo of Greenwood
  • 2nd - Adalaide Cimino of Greenwood


  • 1st - Harper Burch of Greenwood
  • 2nd - Adalaide Cimino of Greenwood

Visual Arts

  • 1st – Victoria Guo of Greenwood
  • 2nd – Adalaide Cimino of Greenwood
  • 3rd – Ariadne Soper of Delaware
  • HM - Aidan Nelson of Wanda Gray


  • 1st- Dani Dowell of Delaware
  • 2nd- Bentley Meeks of Delaware
  • 3rd- Millie Sutterfield of Delaware


Musical Composition

  • 1st - Eden Mitchell of Wanda Gray

Film Productions

  • 1st - Cade Garrett of Greenwood


  • 1st - Cade Garrett of Delaware
  • 2nd – Cullen Burch of Greenwood
  • 3rd - Jessica Schneider of Greenwood

Visual Arts

  • 1st – Brynn Rojas of Wanda Gray
  • 2nd – Leighton Heinlein of Greenwood
  • 3rd – Laine Deng of Greenwood


  • 1st- Ava Jamieson of Delaware
  • 2nd- Addison Ungaro of Wanda Gray
  • 3rd- Pelinsu Buyurgan of Wanda Gray

Middle School

Musical Composition

  • 1st – Amore Pennella of Central Scholars

Film Production

  • 1st- Azia May Matthews of Central Scholars

  • 1st – Graham Sutterwhite of Central Scholars
  • 2nd – Devan Duran of Central Scholars
  • 3rd – Sam Schneider of Central Scholars

Visual Arts

  • 1st – Lilly Williams of Central Scholars
  • 2nd – Claire Owen of Greenwood
  • 3rd – Minal Kian of Greenwood
  • HM – Cheyenne Mowery of Cherokee


  • 1st – Kate Ellis of Greenwood
  • 2nd – Kylie Lapoint of Cherokee
  • 3rd – Elana Hadi of Central Scholars

High School

Dance Choreography

  • 1st – Alyssa Hakan of Central

Musical Composition

  • 1st – Lydia Epps of Greenwood


  • 1st – Katelynn Frahm of Central
  • 2nd – Raelynn Kennedy of Central
  • 3rd – Hailey Youngblood of Central

Visual Arts

  • 1st – Macey Rabourn of Glendale
  • 2nd – Nina Musiyenko of Central
  • 3rd – Tiffany Pierce of Glendale
  • HM – Karson Feverbacher of Greenwood


  • 1st – Bethany Moore of Central
  • 2nd – Emily Fuge of Greenwood
  • 3rd – Arya Eledath of Greenwood
  • HM – Justin Kroh of Glendale
  • HM – Kylie Schaller of Greenwood

Special Artist

  • 1st – Ethan Roepke of Delaware
  • 2nd – Graham of Delaware
  • 3rd – Zachary Barbara of Delaware

From Your Parliamentarian

Check out our Council website for these Parliamentary Resources:


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Units -- You Could Win a $1000 Cash Award

National PTA is now accepting applications for the 2020 Jan Harp Domene Diversity and Inclusion Award. The submission period concludes on March 15, 2020.

The award recognizes PTAs that best demonstrate outstanding achievement in the areas of diversity and inclusion, as well as efforts to end discriminatory practices. Among other things, winners will receive a $1,000 cash prize and be honored at the Awards Program at the 2020 National PTA Convention & Expo.

Click on the picture below for a link to more information and application form!

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Can We Help?! That's What We're Here For!

Your 2019-2020 SCPTA Officers & Chairs

President: Julia Spiva, president@scptamo.com

VP of Organization and Development: Jennifer Penny, orgdev@scptamo.com
• Bylaws:
• Legislation/Resolutions: Donna Petiford, petiford@sbcglobal.net
• Scholarships: Becky Volz, scholarships@scptamo.com

VP of Health and Public Services: Mandy Mitchell, clothingbank@scptamo.com

VP of Programs: Christi Matthews, programs@scptamo.com
• Reflections: Jessica Rosa, jessica@jrosaphoto.com
• Fourth-Grade Play: Breana Kavanaugh bnkavanaugh@spsmail.org
• RIF: Mary Christiano, mary@christiano.us

Secretary: Sarah Whitten, secretary@scptamo.com
Treasurer: Leslie Norman, treasurer@scptamo.com


Parliamentarian: Donna Petiford, donnapetiford@gmail.com

Diversity & Inclusion Adviser: Toi Allen, taocoach@yahoo.com

Administrative Assistant: Mattie James, Glendale High School
Advisors: Elementary: Stephanie Young, Delaware Elementary
Middle School: Andre Illig, Cherokee Middle School
High School: Chris Hunsaker Kickapoo High School
Superintendent Representative: Dr. Michael Methvin
Board of Education Representative: Gerry Lee lee@mosba.org
MOPTA Representative: Mandy Mitchell, mandym@mopta.org

MOPTA Office: 573-445-4161
National PTA Office: 800-307-4782

Springfield Council of PTAs

Council Goals

  • To provide leadership development for local units and council board members
  • To serve as a resource for education, parenting information, and legislative issues
  • To encourage parent and public involvement in Springfield Public Schools