I Am Me

By Val Holmes


As a soprano at Cecelia Snyder Middle, I have been in school choirs for four years, starting at Russel C. Struble. I hope to continue through out middle school and high school as a soprano one, and doing the higher pitched harmony. I get to spend time with my best friends, including Kiara Gutierrez Outside of choir, I sing constantly around the house; when I'm out in public, in the car, and even in a non-music related classes, such as mathematics, science, and reading.

My Puppy, Buddy

Buddy is the sweetest puppy you'll ever meet! He is a five month, sable colored, Shih Tzu, and all he wants to do is play! He thinks he's super tough, but when you're less than ten pounds, and are under a foot tall, you're not very scary. I got him June 7th, 2013. He was only 2.5 pounds! He's now a whopping 7.5 pounds! His adult weight is about ten pounds, so he's close! He's getting so big!


I am a crazy dramatic person! I overreact, reenact, and just plain act out everything I do! Whenever I explain something, I have to tell the whole story again, and of course I don't sit and do it, I get up and do movements, and make a story. If I can't get up, I'll use my hands. It's become so natural, I don't even think about it.

I've also been in many shows, such as The Little Mermaid Jr., It's a Fam'ly, The Polar Express, and Yo Leonardo, just to name a few. Over the summer of 2013, it was my first big show. I performed at Bensalem High School, in front of hundreds of people, and I had the biggest rush of energy! The music dialed down, and it was my cue.


I play a variety of instruments, but they all circle around one main thing; pitched percussion. Bells, vibraphone, and xylophone in the Snyder band, and this is my second year! I play a little piano outside of school, and I'm currently learning a small amount of ukulele (I'm not very good, however).

I LOVE being in school concerts! It's so much fun to be with the whole band, paying through an entire song, and it sounds so beautiful! I hope to continue through high school in the jazz band.


I've just recently started modeling, with my bestie Kiara, for the store Deb. It was the "Back to School" catalog, and there were small categories, and I was listed as "Free-Spirit". There was also, "Rock and Roll', "Army Camo", and "Prom". It was held at Neshaminy Mall, on Saturday the 24th. I hope they have more shows soon. It was so much fun getting my makeup and hair done, trying on a ton of clothes, and being with my friends!