Afganistan account

What happens and what has happened


Afganistan is located in the Middle East. Uzbekistan north of Afganistan, Jajikista east of Afganistan, Pakistan south of Afganistan, Iran west of Afganistan and, Turkmenistan north west of Afganistan.

Civil war?

The civil war in Afghanistan began on 27 April 1978, when the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan took power in a military coup, known as the Saur Revolution. Most of Afghanistan subsequently experienced uprisings against the PDPA government.1978-present

United Nations puts an arms embargo on Afganistan

In October 1996, Afghanistan was placed under a non-mandatory arms embargo through United Nations, Security Council Resolution 1076. This was in reaction to the continued conflict in Afghanistan. Although this has never been officially lifted in any subsequent resolution, its purpose has been rendered outdated by the adoption of a mandatory arms embargo.

Main crops,climate population

Main crops

Wheat,barley,corn,dates,cotton,rice, and fruit


Arid to semi arid, cold winters hot summers


30.55 million

Drone attacks in Afganistan kills many

Governor Shaista Khan Akhtarzada of Afghanistan’s Gomal District, in Paktika Province, has announced an investigation into a series of United States drone strikes killed 17 in a series of incidents.

New muppet on Sesame Street in Afganistan

In Afganistan, there is a new muppet on Sesame Street, A hijab-wearing Afghani Muppet named Zari who will teach kids about “girl empowerment, social and emotional wellbeing.”


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