Local Buzz--PART 2

Late Breaking Additions from the 8/2/19 Edition

The side effects of being efficient

People are caught off guard thinking you'll not be as organized as you happen to be for the Friday before school starts. Here are a few more things that you need for the first week of school. I will likely never be this efficient again so the likelihood of another "Part 2" is rather slim.

Updates to the new bus dismissal routine

Thanks to some good questions we are updating a few things for our new dismissal procedure. Due to the change from an earlier "draft" of the idea and we will not have any floater teachers to bring kids to the bus and all kids we can change the rooms we use for bus rooms. We may need to revisit this when the weather gets too cold to be outside. For now, bus rooms can be the room of the teacher who is supervising. So fourth grade can remain upstairs, and second grade can use the rooms in the 100's hallway. As we get going with this new plan we will need feedback to ensure that we address any of the kinks that we encounter as we implement this new plan.

Roaring Reading Initiative Update

  1. We will copy calendars and have those delivered to your classrooms by Wednesday of next week.

  2. Grade levels preK-2 can decide if they want to require 15 or 20 minutes each evening. Given that reading with a parent or listening to a story counts, most are leaning towards the 20 minute expectation.

  3. Parents, guardians, after school childcare workers, or teachers can sign that they witnessed reading on the student’s calendar. Teachers can only sign when they observe reading before or after school (during reading in the library or during bus duty).

  4. The grade level can determine the goal each month; ideally, we want the entire school to be at 80% by October (24 out of 30 days). If grade levels want to start out as low as 60% of days (contingent on how many days total there are in the month), they may choose that approach and gradually increase.

  5. Calendars, school wide, should stay housed in the take home folders and be stored on the STAY AT HOME side until the end of the month. Beside the GOAL should be written in terms of number of days reading out of total days of the month, weekends included.

  6. Mrs. Zahner and Ms. Sheppard will visit each classroom Friday, August 9th to explain and encourage the ROARING READERS Reading Initiative.

  7. By kicking off the initiative Friday, that means there will be 21 days in August that students can opt to read. Your grade level needs to decide if you are building up gradually or starting out with 80%. This is the breakdown for goal setting:

    1. 60% = 12 days

    2. 70% = 14 days

    3. 80% = 16 days

  8. At this point, we are committing to incentives monthly for classes and individual students. We have not landed solidly on what that will entail at this time.

Daily Census Count

This must be completed for 10 days plus the day after Labor Day. This is to evaluated the need for staffing and classroom numbers. Judy will print your class roster for you daily. Please mark students present or absent. You will attach an additional form that identifies withdrawals, new enrollees and no shows. Please return this paperwork to the office everyday between 8:45a-9a. On 8/6 /19 you will start entering attendance into PowerTeacher as well.

Thanks to Jenifer Johnston and her family for cleaning out and organizing the clothes closet!!! Boys, Girls, Hygiene, Backpacks, Shoes, Underwear, and Coats can be found there. School supplies are going in the conference room.

Please place sign in sheet from the 8/1 Sneak Peek in the box outside of Marsha's room.