By: Yolianiz Paula Vasquez


1c.This tsunami was caused by an earthquake beneath the Indian Ocean.

1e.The effect was that millions of people were left without homes, clothing, or food.10/28/15 TRUEFLIX.

2c. 1. everything seems noramel and then the earth shakes its an earthquake. then the ocean vanishes after that the wall of water heads to the beach

3e. its a tsunami.

2e. triggered A series of tsunamis.

3c. a massive 9-magnitude earthquake.


1.A Tsunami Sweeps Accross WAshington, Oregon and California 26 Jan 1700. 11/2/15 2.The Cascadia Earthquake caused a registered tsunami of 9.0 in the early eighteenth century. This was the biggest tsunami to ever be recorded in the United States. Other tsunamis in New Orleans or Florida have failed to record a higher severeness.

3.In 1883 the tsunami caused by the Krakatau eruption carries a warship 2 miles inland.

4.In 1949 the pacific tsunami warning center is set up after a tsunami strikes Hawaii.-10/28/15 TRUEFLIX

5.In 1960 a huge earthquake near Chile creates a tsunami that travels all the way to japan.

6.In 2004 the red cross feeds thousands o people affected by the Indian ocean tsunami.10/29/15 TRUEFLIX

7.Tropical Storm Cristobal Hits in 2014 28 Aug 2014 A tsunami strikes the Carribean with winds up to 50 miles per hour just two days ago. Twelve inches of rain was recorded along and on the islands, being the most recent natural disaster recorded.


1p.Their problem is that they have no way of telling when the tsunami would come and go.

1s. The solution here is that they have created the tsunami alert that will inform them about the tsunami before the tsunami hits but as soon as y he tsunami forms.

2s.Another big solution can be for them to plant more of the coral reefs and protect them because that would help even if the alert don't work they or you have still something that will help and cause less caos and saves more lives.

2p. One problem is that people don't know where to go in the case of a tsunami they also don't know what to bring in the meantime since they don't have enough time to grab everything and go because it comes in quick and hard.


1.NATURES WARNING-anyone who notices the things people could have been saved

2.Another fun fact is that elephants were used to clean up rubble created by the killer tsunami.

3.In 2006, 24 countries took part in the first international tsunami warning drill.

4. Another fun fact is that in the malders coral reefs reduced the impact of the 2004 tsunami. This may have helped save many lives. TRUEFLIX 10/29/15

5. About 80% of tsunamis happen within the Pacific Ocean’s “Ring of Fire.”


in some places people they describe the tsunami as a monster wall(wave)of water 30 feet(9 meters) high. 10/29/15 trueflix . reaching heights of over 100 feet (30.5 meters) onto land.