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How To Deal With Car Detailing Equipment and Your Car Wash In Deserts or Rain

The two most extreme weather circumstances your car could face are desert and rain, and yes, you need quality car detailing equipment in both of these conditions. For some, sun or rain hits occasionally, but some areas of the world revolve around just one of these conditions. Unfortunately, for extreme desert areas, sand storms hit regularly, leading to sand both on your car and in every crack and crevice of your car. As you can imagine, this creates a huge challenge in keeping your car clean.

In the United Arab Emirates, an area known for its hot temperatures, desert climate, and huge sand storms, green car washing has become a revolution. Traditional car washes end up claiming 50 to 70 gallons of water per wash, and that’s not even counting the work you have to do inside to make sure you get all the dirt and sand on your seats, around the windows, and otherwise the stuff that affects the way you are able to ride.

The car wash industry can bring big money in the US, especially if you are offering auto detailing equipment services, but think of the market in Dubai.

This said, if you live in a dry environment like this where things are always blowing, you are going to have to take extra care. You can’t just assume that your car will be properly washed at the gas station down the street. You will need to both make sure your car is washed outside, and you will need to bring in car detailing equipment more regularly than someone who might have more diverse weather patterns and no desert storms.

Most would think that with such a dry environment, you wouldn’t have to worry about car washing, because obviously, what could really get on your car? The problem is that even if you have no birds pooping or other dirt coming at you, you still have the sun beating down and wearing down your paint job if you’re not careful.

Do You Need Car Detailing Equipment If Living In A Wet Environment?

On the flip side of things, some people forget about car washing and car detailing equipment when it comes to wet environments. There are those who would move to say Oregon and just assume that the rain will wash your car for you. This could be true, but years of neglect by people who thought this living in a rainy environment could tell you otherwise.

When you don’t take care of your car inside and out, it doesn’t matter if you’re regularly getting water that dumps down on your car. Unfortunately, it can damage the paint, reduce your overall value, and of course you’re riding around in a dirty ride. If you go long periods between car washes, chances are when you do get around to it, your car isn’t going to magically return to its original off the lot state.

Sometimes Rain Is Okay For the Outside of Your Car, But You Still Need Effective Car Detailing Equipment

For the outside of your car, a good, clean rain wash can be good, especially when you regularly use car detailing equipment. When it comes down quite forcefully especially, it can get rid of stubborn bird poop, bugs, and it may even give your car a nice shine, at least temporarily. But it doesn’t hit the inside, and you really don’t want it to.

The rain obviously helps you to avoid running up your water bill or wasting water during drought times. If you use green auto detailing equipment and you are worried about the environment, you will also find that you can reduce water there while keeping your car clean and pleasant in the areas that you regularly see and feel.

If you happen to take a good, green detergent out with you to wash your car, you can take advantage of the best of both worlds by saving water with rain water and also cleaning your car with high quality cleaners to get dirt and grime off.

Rain Water Isn’t Always A Good Wash, Even When You Use The Best Car Detailing Equipment

The main thing you want to use car detailing equipment for is to get the inside of your car clean. You can ride in luxury and feel good about what’s going through your car. Unfortunately, this doesn’t cover what people outside your car see, and in some cases, rain water is not always the cleanest.

Especially if you live in an area that is experiencing smog or other pollution, this can stick to your car when you simply leave it out in the rain. It can wear away at your paint job and otherwise damage the frame of your vehicle. Over time, the acid in the pollution around you will make your car look old and tired, and every time it gets wet with the same rain again, it renews and continues to perpetuate the damage.

Taking Care Of Your Car With Car Detailing Equipment With Atypical Weather and Conditions

If you live in areas where you may face more unusual or difficult weather conditions for your car, don’t ever forget about the inside and the need for proper car detailing equipment. It’s easy to forget especially if you live in rainy areas. It’s equally as easy to forget about the inside of your car in general, regardless of where you live. Some people tend to pay more attention, but may think that it’s too expensive.

For example, people with young children may want to have a cleaner car inside, but think that it’s not necessarily possible. Others may be on the run, they don’t have kids or pets, and they just think their car is fine overall. For these types, your car doesn’t get dirty as fast. So you may not notice the buildup until you get it cleaned.

Either way, you may be surprised at the pricing you can get for professionals using high quality audio detailing equipment. For more information about carpet cleaning and auto detailing as well as price quotes for your car, please simply click here and read up to decide what’s right for you.