By: Marcia Brown Won in 1955

You all might have heard the story of Cinderella, but this version unleashes a whole new Cinderella. This story is about a young lady named Cinderella, she is very poor and has t work for her evil stepsisters and stepmother. They treat her like a doormat. Along comes a ball that Cinderella really wants to go to but she forgot about the chores she has to do instead. Her evil stepmother makes her very mad so Cinderella decides to run away and cry about everything her stepmother said. Then suddenly a fairy godmother comes to grant her a wish, of course her wish is to be able to go to the ball. So her wish comes true. Cinderella goes to the ball and dances with her "Prince Charming," and forgot she has to be back home at midnight but unfortunately as she is running her glass slipper falls of and the Prince never knew who she was so he sets out to find her. As he arrives at her house to see if any ladies fit the glass slipper out comes the step sisters and none of them fit the shoe. Cinderella comes on out to test it and of course she knows she will fit it because she danced with him and the shoe fits. The Prince has found her. The story ends with the typical happy ever after. The end. This story is similar to Whatever After if the Shoe Fits. Because it has the same story line. In Whatever After a brother and sister go into a mirror and end up in Cinderella's story so the same thing happens to Cinderella in the original and the Whatever After one.

By: Abigail Kidd