Sepoy Rebellion

By: Emily S., Isabella G., Zach L. and Christopher G.

Details of the Sepoy Rebellion

India went against one of the most powerful Empire's in the world and was very close to defeating them with limited resources. Britain and India were involved in the Sepoy War. The Sepoy war began in 1857 and ended in 1858. In 1858 a peace treaty was signed, that ended the war.

Events in the Sepoy War

The first event was the bloody uprising at the garrison in Meerut and they murdered every European they saw. Throughout May and June the idea of mutiny spread through the Ganges Valley. The British east India company began recruiting citizens as troops in 1667. The mutineers marched to Delhi and placed themselves under the leadership of the impotent Emperor Bahabur Shah.

Outcome of the Rebellion

Although the history of this war was interpreted by many points of view the British ended up winning the war. 40,000 British soldiers dominated India by 1857 and later in 1858 the peace treaty was signed. The war was an ongoing battle between two competing narratives.Later after the war it was discovered that 200 European men, women, and children had been murdered. Over 300,000 Sepoy's were in the army against 50,000 British
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The Sepoy Rebellion

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