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Week of May 16-20

Hello Friends!

Here is a weekly newsletter with important dates, activities , and school information. It is also how we will track behavior and other action plan data. Please read it weekly and include your classroom data. If you are behind on past weeks, please get caught up!

May 6

May 13

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Jaycee IS HERE this week!

Week At a Glance

Monday 2nd Grade Planning day.

Tuesday Last day of reading aides with kids. 6th Grade Planning. SAC Mtg.

Wednesday Birthday Wagon

Thursday Last day of Math aides with kids. Jen out in AM. 1st Gr. Assembly.

Friday Last day of resource except for Self- Contained. Sport's day for Autism Units. Funk's Retirement Party.

Please Read:

I need to be out of the building on Thursday morning, so we need to cancel Principal's Pride on the 19th. The final one will be May 26th instead. Get the papers in!

Karen Gorringe, your new principal next year, will be coming to meet you all at our faculty mtg on Friday. She will also be setting appointments to meet with you one on one the following week. Your classes will be covered during your appointment.

The parachute jumper had to be cancelled because Risk Management wouldn't allow it. We are working on an alternate plan.

Friday is Sports day for the Autism Unit. They have snazzy new T-shirts and a new banner. Let's plan to line up and give them our annual big send off!

May Habit

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