Google Classroom

Mission control for your class!

What is Google Classroom?

  • Online learning platform
  • Easily communicate and interact with students
  • Distribute, collect and organize documents
  • One-stop shop for all information
Classroom 101

Tips to Consider

Before you begin your Google Classroom journey, consider these tips:

Beginners, check out these resources!

About tab

What are some ways you can use the About tab.

One important use for the About tab is shared materials.

Check out this link for a video tutorial on how to add materials to share.

Share to Classroom

You can use the Share to Classroom Chrome extension to share web content to your classes in three ways: instantly push webpages to all students in a class, create an assignment, or create an announcement. Your students and co-teachers must have the extension enabled to share content with them.

Google Classroom Review

Ready to gamify your Google Classroom review? Compete for the top spot in PacMan by clicking on the link above, created by @Gallagher_Tech