Catherine the Great

By: Allana Whisnant

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Catherine II of Russia was born Sophie Friedrike Auguste von Anhait-Zerbst on May 2, 1729 in Stettin, Prussia. On August 21, 1745, after traveling to Russia, Catherine was married to Peter III and became a grand duchess. It was an unhappy marriage, as Peter was described as childish and enjoyed playing with toy soldiers and spending time with mistresses rather than with his wife. When Catherine heard rumor that her husband was plotting to get rid of her, she worked with her then-lover, Gregory Orlov, to get Peter to resign. A few days later, he was strangled and killed. Catherine made many reforms during her reign, from improving the state of foreign affairs to putting greater emphasis on art and education. Catherine was also famous for her many lovers. It is estimated that she had about 12 during the course of her life. On November 17, 1796, Catherine passed away. There are various rumors about her cause of death, but in reality, it was simply a stroke. Catherine made a noteworthy impact on Russia, and it was by far a positive one.
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