Jewish dietary laws


shabat dinner menu

the menu for shabat dinner starts at sunset

food for blessings challla usslay braided

Red wine


Beef kinishesh

matzo ball soup

patato pankackes


Baked chicken


bake patoes


parve bubmki


The Jewish dietary laws are kosher. Kosher means that. Food, or premises in which food is sold, cooked, or eaten satisfying the requirements of Jewish law. The Jewish law prevents that people eat shellfish, pork, and they can eat other meat but it must be blessed by a rabbi and killed in a certain way. A way that is least pain full to the animals and theory don’t suffer. They can never mix milk and then have meat. That is because they are mixing life and depth together. The Jewish people have Shabbat dinner very Friday night. When g-d created the world it was in 6 days and he rested on the 7th. So the Jewish people don’t work

On Saturdays the 7th day. All the food for the shaft dinner must be cooked on Friday night before sunset. According to the Jewish calendar the day starts at sunrise and ends at sunset. The have a lunar calendar and go by the moon.

What people usslay have for Shabbat dinner is wine, challah bread that is sweet usually made from eggs. Generally it is braided in 8s. They use wine they say prayers before the eat them Generally they have soup and then chicken for dinner. People for desert has something pare meaning contain no milk and dairy. They have fruit or non-darie desert because people cannot have meat and then milk. Its good food but you may have to leave work early Friday so you can get it done before sunset