Geography Question:How are Ecuador's eastern lowlands important economically

East of the Andes mountains a large jungle covers almost half of the country . Some people live their. The eastern lowland is a region thick tropical rain forest in the eastern foothills of the Andes and in the part of the Amazon River basin.

Culture Question:Who created (UNESCO)

UNESCO was found in 1945 and became an agency of the United Nations in 1946.In 1945 , it was dicovered. Paris found UNESCO .To build network among nations that enable this kind of solidanity.

Resources/Economy Question:Why is Agriculture so important

The farmers export bananas , cacao , coffee , rice , and sugercane. Argriculture is largely orientedtoward the export market . Cacao became a valuable export . they earn about a million a day! Employs 30% a day. the coastal lowland is filled with fish.

Culture Question: what kinds of Culture did they have?

Their offical language is Spanish , but Quichua an Incan language is spoken by the Indian population.Maramba music is Ecuador to dance and sing.There is a holiday in Ecuador called Pase Del Nino.In 1534, Spanish conquers deafeated the local rulers and took control of Ecuador