Welcome to War-Torn Poland in 1941

Once by Morris Gleitzman

When And Where my book took place

The story I read is Once by Morris Gleitzman, this book takes place in many of the places around the Nazi controlled countries of Germany and Poland. It also takes places in many bizarre and unnamed worlds in the future, past, and present through Felix's stories of better times. One of the many places described in this book is Father Ludwick's orphanage in one of the many vast mountain ranges in Poland and Barney the dentists' basement which is hidden under the floorboards in a factory in the center of the city of Warsaw. The city is war torn and infested with Nazis.

How the Setting Affects the Characters

The setting affects the character in many ways. The setting affects the character because if he was in a city like London instead of Warsaw then he wouldn't have had be sent to the orphanage to avoid persecution. If he was in London he also wouldn't end up with Zelda and Barney. The setting affects Felix's parents as well because if it were somewhere else then they would be with him and he wouldn't be on his journey.

How the Setting Affect the Plot

The plot is created by the setting and also heavily relies on the setting. Like I said earlier than the plot of the book, which is Felix's journey to find his parents. This plot wouldn't have been plausible if he was in a city like London because London was not crawling with Nazis, but in Warsaw which was taken over at that point it would be possible for his Jewish parents to have been taken.

How the Setting Affects the Mood of the Story.

The setting in my book affects the mood by making it eerie and dark. The setting includes bodies laying in the streets of a war ravaged version of Warsaw. often the only people on the streets are Nazi patrols. Many large buildings like factories and churches also have holes blasted through them or have toppled over to the ground.