Midland Messenger

September 6-9, 2022

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Dear Midland Families,

Thank you for a great first week of school!

As we go through the year, it will be important for you to know how to get information.

Communication...how do families know what is happening at Midland?

  1. The Midland Messenger is our newsletter that goes home weekly. This bulletin is designed to be a quick look at what's coming up, with some short articles of information. It goes home through SMORE to your email.
  2. The Sunday Night phone call from me. I hope you find it helpful about what's happening for the week each Sunday evening.
  3. Our school website can be accessed through midland.fpschools.org. Our website is updated regularly with important dates and information.
  4. Classroom emails and information come from your child's teacher. If you ever have a question about that, you are welcome to email the teacher directly!
  5. Like us on Facebook at Midland Elementary Mustangs for news and information almost daily!

I welcome your communication. Please call or email me to share your celebrations or concerns at (253)298-4501 or pdawson@fpschools.org

It's great to be a MUSTANG!

~Dr. Paula Dawson

Important Dates to Remember:

September 6 ~ First full day of school for Kindergarten

September 14 ~ 1:55 Dismissal

September 21 ~ Taproot Theater 12:45-1:45 pm

September 21 ~ 1:55 Dismissal

September 28 ~ 1:55 Dismissal

**For additional future scheduled activities, please check out our Midland calendar at https://midland.fpschools.org/**

2022-23 Midland Daily Schedule

8:40 Breakfast

8:50 Warning bell, students are in class

8:55 Tardy bell, school begins

11:20-12:15 Kindergarten Lunch/Recess

11:20-12:15 1st Grade Lunch/Recess

11:50-12:45 2nd Grade Lunch/Recess

12:20-1:15 3rd Grade Lunch/Recess

12:20-1:15 4th Grade Lunch/Recess

11:50-12:45 5th Grade Lunch/Recess

3:25 Dismissal

*MOST Wednesdays will be a 1:55 dismissal*

(PLEASE check the calendar for specific dates)

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Social emotional Learning corner

Content by Mrs. Blaisdell

September 6th

Social Emotional Learning is a process through which individuals build awareness and skills in managing emotions, setting goals, establishing relationships, and making responsible decisions that support success in school and in life.

We have started the year by discussing and practicing the Core Practice of Breathing. We discussed the difference between “survival breathing” and powerful and purposeful breathing. Powerful and purposeful breathing can energize our brain and body, it can calm our brain and body, and it can soothe our brain and body. Ask your children about the breathes we have practiced.

  1. “Fill ‘em up—Whoosh it Out” 2. Square Breathing


Anita Blaisdell


“I choose to travel forward with hope and gratitude. 💖”

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Mustang Music Memo

Hello Midland Mustang families! My name is Kellogg and I am your students’ music teacher. Each month I’ll communicate announcements and class content to you via this Music Memo.

For the first two music classes, students will learn classroom expectations and routines, collectively create classroom guidelines for fostering a caring community in our class, as well as practice rhythm and singing on pitch using musical name games. After those two first classes, students will begin to compose a musical idea using the name rhythms and pitches from our beginning-of-the-year name games.

I’m excited to announce that we are planning on performing concerts in May! Concerts will be for all 1st, 3rd, and 5th graders. More details to come once dates and times are solidified.

ATTENTION: Lastly, I’d like the music and movement we study in class to be reflective of our students’ cultures. If there are any songs or dances from your culture that you think would be fun for students to learn, please reach out to me at akellogg@fpschools.org

Thank you for your time,
Anneliese Kellogg
Midland Elem. Music Specialist

Safety First

The streets around Midland will be extremely busy at arrival and dismissal times. We have endeavored to create areas that are safe and efficient for these purposes. Please help keep our students safe by following these procedures.

Arrival Time: Students should not be dropped off prior to 8:40

• When dropping students off, enter the main gate at the front of the school.

Swing left and drop your children off in the designated crossed lines area. Do not block passage lanes in center of parking lot, or our crosswalk.

Exit through the second gate.

• Please do not travel on 24th Avenue or drop children off in the bus crescent. We are keeping cars and buses separate.

Dismissal Time: Children being picked up will be gathered at the east end of the pick-up area.

• Enter the parking lot and swing left into the designated lined area to pick up your child(ren). Do not block passage lanes in center of parking lot, or our crosswalk.

• Please keep the pick-up area at the crossed lines moving.

· Please do not pick up children in the bus crescent.

• Children who walk home will cross the street at the crosswalk.

Thank you for cooperating in our efforts to keep our students safe.

Morning Drop Off Information

  • Students need to be in class by 8:50, the tardy bell rings at 8:55.
  • Students who arrive at or after 8:55 will have to have a parent come into the office to sign them in. *Please note that due to safety concerns, our tardy drop off policy has changed. Parents may not drop off late students to enter the building unsupervised. Parents must park, come into the office, and sign the student in with the time and reason for the tardy.
  • After 5 tardies, a parent meeting with an administrator will be required. Students may need to start taking the bus if they continue to be late for school.

Thank you in advance for understanding that our school day begins at 8:55 and students should be present at that time.

Bus Procedures

If you wish your child to ride a bus other than the one they regularly ride, or to get off at a different bus stop, you must send a note to inform us of the change. This same procedure must be followed if you want your child to walk home rather than ride the bus. Without a note we will not allow students to deviate from their normal mode of transportation home. Click on the purple bar below for bus routes and use guest as username and guest as your password.

Sign Up for the Bus Bulletin

Would you like to know when your student’s bus is going to be late or what is happening?
Once you know your child's route, you should consider signing up for bus route notifications using Bus Bulletin. Bus Bulletin will send you text messages to your cell phone with real-time updates on your child's route. For instance, if your child's route is running late, Bus Bulletin will let you know.

How to sign-up to use Bus Bulletin:

  • Log onto the website http://busbulletin.com/parents/ or click on the QR code and look to the right side of your screen. Click on “Sign In”, click on "Register Here," and answer the simple prompts. You will provide your name, your email address, a password, and select Franklin Pierce Schools. Then enter the code on the screen, accept the rules of use, and finally click on Submit.
  • You will then be asked to select the route, which is written in code:
    • The first two numbers are the ROUTE NUMBER, and the letters are the SCHOOL abbreviation:
      • Preschool: HDS for Head Start and ELC
      • Primary: BD, CA, CH, CO, ELM, HA, JS, MD
      • Secondary: FMS, FPHS, KMS, WHS, GATES
        • Example: 19MD is route 19, Midland Elementary School.

Medication at School

The health room is staffed daily with a LPN to provide first aid to students who become ill or injured at school, and to give medications prescribed by state approved medical providers. Our goal is to keep healthy children learning in the classroom, and to get ill children home.

State law allows for students to be administered oral medications at school (including inhalers), ear drops, eye drops, and/or to apply ointments with doctor’s order only. All medications, even over-the-counter products such as pain relievers and cough drops, require an appropriate order from an approved medical provider. We must have a new medication order each school year. Please do not send medication with your child, as it is illegal for them to carry it on school grounds. Do not hesitate to contact our school nurse, Tia Stilson, at 298-4508 if you have questions or desire further information.

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Report Student Absences

It is important that we hear from you when your student is absent. Please make sure you contact Midland to let us know the reason for the absence. You may report your child’s absence online at our district’s website. Go to www.fpschools.org, click on Schools, click on Midland, click on Report Students Absences and click on the icon. It will bring up an email window. You may also call our office at 253 298-4500.

Kids at HOPE at Midland!

At Midland, we utilize the Kids at Hope framework!

We believe:

· Children succeed when they are surrounded by adults who believe they can succeed.

· Children succeed when they have meaningful, sustainable relationships with caring adults.

· Children succeed when they can articulate their future.

We say the Kids at Hope pledge daily, so ask your child to say it for you!

School Dress Code

School Board Policy 5200 (Section 11.9- Student Dress & Appearance) requires students “to observe modesty, appropriateness, and neatness in clothing and personal appearance.” Students are not appropriately dressed if their appearance causes a disruptive influence either to themselves or to others. Students are not allowed to wear clothing or other items that are lewd, profane, or that advertise alcohol, tobacco and/or illegal drugs.

· Hats and caps will be worn outside ONLY. While shorts are OK to wear (hem must extend beyond fingertips when arms hanging at their side) and may be practical on hot days, “short-shorts”, shirts exposing bare stomachs, halter tops, tank tops with spaghetti straps, sagging pants, disconnected straps on overalls, bandannas, and scarves are examples of clothing that are not appropriate.

· If clothing is not consistent with school dress, the student will be sent to the health room for change of clothes or a call home.

Family Access: Update your information

Interactive Skyward Family Access features are open and ready for primary guardians to review, update, and/or request changes to your child's information.

We ask that a primary guardian log into Family Access and complete the Annual Student Information Update for your student. Please use this link to log into Skyward Family Access:


Please enter your login ID- It will be either your email address or first name.last name (Sally.Jones)

Password will be something you chose in the past or you can set a new password.

From here you will see your student's name on the upper left-hand corner with multiple options available to you. If you have more than one student attending a Franklin Pierce School you will have a drop down that says All Students, when you click on the drop down it will have all your students and you would choose the correct student.

This screen shot is for a family with multiple students. Click the drop-down arrow to the right of All Students to select the correct student. Click on Annual Student Information Update and complete ALL steps.

If you need help gaining access to a computer, try the Pierce County Library, visit your school, or come to the district office.

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NEW Before and Afterschool Care for the 2022-23 School Year!

Serving students at ALL 8 Elementary Schools

Right at School will operate before and afterschool programs at all eight Franklin Pierce elementary schools! Right at School offers a safe environment for students to learn, to play, and to grow!

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Upcoming Events

(Early Release, School Events, Academic Calendar, etc.)

Franklin Pierce Schools does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, honorably discharged veteran or military status, sexual orientation including gender expression or identity, the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal by a person with a disability in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.

Questions and complaints of alleged discrimination should be directed to James Hester, Compliance Coordinator for State and Civil Rights Laws; Wendy Malich, Title IX Officer; or John Sander, 504/ADA Coordinator at 315 129th ST S, Tacoma, WA 98444-5099 or at (253)298-3000.