Top 5

Best Christmas Gifts of 2013



I love my bike because it works better than my last bike. When I go on bike rides it is really fun. Mine is blue with a black seat.

Ipod touch case


I love my new case because my last one was to big for my Itouch. I also like it because it is my favorite color. Now it is easier to use.



I love my new basketball because it is so much better than my other one. My other one has a hole in it so we can't pump it up. My new one shoots better also.

Hunger Games: the movie


I love this present because it is my favorite movie. I think it is one of the best movies of 2013. I can't wait until Mocking Jay comes out.

Basketball Shoes


I love my new Basketball shoes because they are my favorite color. But I got the wrong size so we have to take them back. When I get the right size I will wear them a lot.