Orana Catholic Primary School

Week 8, Term 3, 2020



Respect is an attitude of caring about people and treating them with dignity. Respect is valuing ourselves and others. We show respect by speaking and acting with courtesy.

To Live Life to The Full Prayer


You invite us all into the fullness of life. May we support one another to flourish
in body, mind and spirit.
Strengthen our commitment to ensure

that nobody falls through gaps in our systems of care.

People called you mad.
Help us to recognise you
in those who suffer mental ill-health today.
Show us how to eliminate stigmatisation of mental ill-health
from our parishes, schools, communities and organisations.

You drew near to those
who were suffering in body or mind.
May we too feel your nearness
when we struggle with mental health challenges. May we be one as members of Your Body.

You invite us to share in your ministry
of love and true compassion.
May we be empowered by your Spirit
to reach out to all people in need.
May we build communities of welcome and inclusion.


From the Principal's Desk

Dear Parents and Carers,

R U OK DAY - 10 September

The Orana community engaged in awareness building activities that focused on how we can be a good friend and care for each other. As a community we strive to meaningfully connect with the people around us and start a conversation with anyone who may be struggling with life. You don't need to be an expert to reach out - just a good friend and a great listener.

Use these four steps and have a conversation that could change a life:

1. Ask R U OK?

2. Listen

3. Encourage action

4. Check in

Deep Peace - Bill Douglas Mindful meditation link



Yesterday we hosted the second #InspiredToCreate Kids iPad Conference. Students from Yidarra and Queen of Apostles joined our Year 6’s in a day of creativity. We are indebted to Paul Coghlan, father of Mabel, Max and Oscar, for his keynote address ‘Creativity is always the answer’. Thank you to our P&F who generously assisted with the funding to bring this event alive. We were delighted with the testimonials from our special guests from various schools, CEWA and the Apple Education Team. More importantly, we were impressed with our students who were ambassadors for the day. They worked collaboratively in their four workshops and their skills with digital media were outstanding. This is such a wonderful way for us to showcase our beliefs about teaching and learning and we are proud to say the third conference will take place next year.

Quotes of the week from the iPad Conference

The conference was engaging and fun! It’s main topic was about bees and how creativity is always the answer. During the conference there were 4 four different workshops, my favourite one was when we showcased our acting skills using the green screen and informing others about the use of pesticides. Johann (6W)

The Kids Can Create iPad Conference was a great opportunity to learn new skills related to the iPad. I loved all the workshops, especially the one where we were advertising beeswax wraps. Saving bees was an informative theme and I am glad I learnt loads of new skills! Alicia (6W)

The Kids Can Create iPad Conference was so much fun! The quote “Creativity is always the answer” was my inspiration for the day. I loved learning about bees, how we can save them and I would love to have this experience again. Matilda (6W)


The 2020 AGM will be held on Wednesday 25 November. Put it in your diary and save the date!


The School Board is comprised of the school Principal, Parish Priest and elected members, the Parents and Friends Association representative and a representative of the Parish. Interested Parents can nominate themselves for membership before Friday, 20 November, for involvement in the 2021 Board. Board meetings are held once a month and the Annual General Meeting is held in November.

Please click the link below to complete the Expression of Interest Form.


ANYA BROCK - Artist in Residence Friday, 18 September

The excitement is building as we eagerly anticipate Anya painting our mural of local flora and fauna . The classes will be scheduled to observe Anya in action next Friday. I think I might move my desk to the Quad for the day to enjoy the artist at work!


We are coming to the end of term and I would like to remind you that the students last days Thursday, 24 September. OSHC will be open on Friday, 25 September for your convenience.

Every kind act is a prayer, Blessed Mother Teresa

God bless,

Emma Bell

Short-term Principal



If you would like to book a uniform fitting in Term 4 please click the link below. Uniform Concepts, Nell Graysons highly recommend a uniform fitting appointment due to COVID-19 restrictions and physical distancing requirements.



Did you know that our wonderful teachers here at Orana do something very special to help others? Twice a term our teachers stay back at school and cook trays and trays of lasagne and take them into the city at night to give to the homeless. These people often have nowhere to live and no food. They are very grateful to receive a hot meal, a drink, some fruit and sometimes toiletries. This is a living example of generosity, compassion and ensuring all people are looked after.

We would like to assist our teachers by raising money to buy the lasagnes by holding a Rice Day on Thursday 17th September. Students will be provided with 2 rice cakes for lunch and in return donate $2. If you would also like to donate a packet of rice cakes it would be very much appreciated. A box will be available in the Year 4W classroom for you to put them in. Further details will be provided closer to the day.

Thank you for supporting this worthy cause.

The Week That Was!

The Week that Was - Week 8


Personality strengths- our character – play a big role in helping us build our talents, click the link below to learn more about unearthing children's strengths for happiness and success.


P & F News

We are thankful for the support the community has shown to celebrate Father's Day with the school last Friday. Special thanks to the volunteers who donated their time and energy to make sure the event went smoothly. Extra special thank you to the teachers who are willingly volunteered their time to help with the event - big thank you for this. I hope all the dads who attended enjoyed the morning spent with the children and realise how special you are to them.

Please save your calendars for the next P&F meeting, Wednesday 16th September 2020 at 7pm. Venue is either in the library, hall, or the staff room. Lots of update to be shared, so come and get involved!

Kind regards,

P&F Executive Committee

From our Parish of Sts John & Paul

Please visit the Parish website for the latest information on weekend Masses.