Myth Vs. Reality

by Isabella Connor

"Depression is just a feeling; you can snap out of it if you try hard enough."

Reality: Depression is not just a simple "bad mood", it is a serious disorder and the person suffering from it has no control over the way they are feeling.

"Depression only occurs when bad things happen."

Reality: Depression has many causes. It happens due to a low level of serotonin and can sometimes be hereditary. Even a person with a seemingly happy life can be a victim of depression.

"Post partum depression is an excuse woman use for being bad mothers."

Reality: Post partum depression affects 10% of women. A common symptom of this is anxiety that they may hurt the child.

"There's nothing you can do to treat your depression."

Reality: Help can be given to those who seek it. Psychotherapy sessions and medication can help ease the symptoms of depression.

"Antidepressants and lithium can help anybody with a mood disorder."

Reality: Different medications help different disorders. Even two people with the same disorder may react to the same medication differently.

"There are no outward signs of depression."

Reality: Symptoms of depression can be loss of interest in activities, failure to take care of yourself, and lack of energy.

"Having mania is fun."

Reality: Mania can lead to reckless behavior.

"No one hallucinates while suffering from a mood disorder."

Reality: Hallucinations are actually a common symptom of depression and bipolar disorder.

"Everyone who has bipolar experiences the disorder in the same way."

Reality: Everyone experiences their mental illness differently.

"Only people suffering from depression are suicidal."

Reality: Anybody can be suicidal, which is why it is so important to pay attention to the signs and prevent it from happening.