Memory Potion

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Welcome to Alternative Apothecary!

Today we will be presenting you with our new and improved Memory Potion! What's different, maybe a bit of mint for taste? Buy and find out! For those who don't remember, a Memory Potion is not only used as an antidote for the Forgetfulness Potion, but can be taken orally on a daily basis to slow the onset of Alzheimer's and improve long term memory!

History of the Memory Potion

Created in 1901 by a Magical Neurobiologist named Esmeralda Benedict, the Memory Potion was originally intended for her aging and forgetful Mother. The purpose of the potion is to strengthen the hippocampus, allowing short-term memories to long-term memories with much more success than previous attempts! Eleven years later Benedict released her creation to the public, where many individuals have taken to creating it at home. Here we allow you to cut out all of the effort, and purchase the potion straight from us!

Remember, kids: No shoes, no shirt, no prescription, NO POTION!

Our Memory Potion

At Alt. Apothecary we allow our potion to go through a standard maturation time of 50 days.

We ensure that every potion is perfection, from its thin consistency, to it's bright golden color!

15 mL of potion must be consumed orally on a daily basis, as results are not instantaneous!

This potion should not be consumed if:

  • You are pregnant (Unless a Healer approves)
  • You are a child under 18
  • You cannot remember how to open the bottle

Remember, once you return to your home, please store in a warm area, preferably by a window. This potion needs natural light!

If the potion turns a murky brown, please dispose of immediately and buy some more!


Ingredients contained in this potion are, with possible other ingredients are:

  • 500ml water
  • 1 ginseng root
  • 10 drops Coconut oil
  • 1 jobberknoll feather
  • 10 drops dittany
  • 3 tbsp flobberworm mucus

About the Alternative Apothecary

Here at the Alternative Apothecary, we like to focus on not only having the best potions around, but having a fun and modern asthetic! No more looking through dusy phials in a dingy apothocary. Instead, we hope you enjoy our bright,climate controlled shop. To ensure our potions aren't meddled with by the light, all potions themselves are stored on shelves behind our newly patented glass doors. These doors reflect all natural light, as to not tamper with potions, yet allows witches and wizards to view through the glass with a touch of their wand. Potions in need of natural light reside by our front window display. Now go forth with your newly acquired potion. Be safe, and be merry!