Jack:A Writer

Reflections of a 11 year old writer

I'm a Writer Who

I'm a writer who does not like to share my work. I sometimes like to write but not during my free time. I'm not really confident about my work. My fears of writing are that I will make a careless mistake. My strengths are personal narratives and life experiences.

A Memorable Experience

The time I Cracked my Head Open

One day I was home with my baby sitter and we were playing a game then I was jumping from one bed to the other and then my baby sitter said I'm going to make lunch. Then I ask if I can jump one more time and she says no but I don't l listen and then I jump and I miss by like a inch and i hit my head on the steel frame. Then it starts spewing blood all over the place and my baby sitter was about to walk down the stairs and she just sees it happen. Then we stuck a bandaid on it to stop bleeding and my baby sitter calls her sister to check on me to see if i'm okay. Then my parents come home and take me to the hospital and I have to get stitches. I think this story helped me write because it is like the first thing I can remember that happened to me. I learned that life experiences are good to write about because you tell in your perspective.

Sixth Grade Writing Goals

  • I want to try to write a poem.
  • I need to write more.
  • I need to work on editing.
  • I need to watch my carless errors.
  • I want to write something out of my safe zone.

About Me

My name is Jack I like playing outside and being in the outdoors. I Like to play lacrosse basketball and football. I also make up fun sports games. I love to go fishing and I love swimming because it is in the water and it keeps me active.