End of Year Friday Feature

News and Notes for the Madison Staff (6/3/15)

Google Survey Results - Action Plan

We've all spent time on the https://sites.google.com/a/cusd200.org/cusd-200-google-apps-online-learning/. Feel free to keep using this and building those skills this summer!

More than 10 Madison teachers surveyed replied they were not Level 1 proficient and really needed assistance. Eric Slaughter has volunteered to come in and host a hands-on tutorial just for Madison during the Friday lunch hour!! If you are struggling with the basics, please plan on attending. RSVP with me so I can supply some treats! :)

Packing Up!

A Few Notes About Packing Up Rooms for the Summer:

  • End of year "check-out" will be in your mailbox.
  • Return "check-out" form to Kathy and Stacy when you are finished.
  • Attendance reports will be run on Friday.
  • Worlds of Wisdom will be using LLC classrooms, Art, Music, and Third Grade
  • Tech Dept is taking desktops (save anything you want onto Google Drive or H Drive)
  • Get painting needs to Kathy ASAP.
  • DO NOT use kitchen, hallways or other areas as a "give-away" or "garbage" area.
  • Use the garbage and recycling dumpsters instead! :)
  • If you didn't use it this year, it needs a new home! :)

Committee Updates

  • MIT: Working on SIP in August, added Diane and MJ to team!
  • BLT: Meeting on Friday, with possible quick survey for staff!
  • Literacy: PD focus on writing next year. Exciting workshops coming!
  • Math: PD focus on "Structured Math Talk". Great workshops coming!
  • All Committees will be posting meeting notes on https://sites.google.com/a/cusd200.org/mountain-lion-lair/ next year.

Some Staff Changes

  • Lisa Parrilli will be cutting to part-time next year (Monday-Thursday). Our Friday SW will be Jennifer Chromy.
  • Josh Bachellor is scheduled to work at Johnson and Longfellow next year. Thanks Josh!
  • Gretchen DeCraene looks to be our only music teacher next year. Thanks to Heather Novak!
  • Big thanks to Sarah and Ruheena for all their work this year!

Technology - Summer Plans

  • Schoogle offered on June 10! Consider attending!
  • Laptops will be re-imaged over summer!
  • Desktops in lab will all be re-imaged and wired (no more wireless needed in lab)!
  • Smart TV coming to lab!
  • Cart of 30 chrome books are coming!
  • 12 chrome books coming to LLC!
  • Certified staff all get a new laptop! Coming by July.
  • Docking stations will be installed in all rooms that have projection!

Important Dates

Thu, June 4: Volunteer Appreciation Lunch

Thu, June 4: Field Day

Fri, June 5: 1st Grade Field trip

Fri, June 5: 12:00PM Google 101 (lab)

Mon, June 8: 3:15PM Farewell Parade (5th Grade and departing staff)

Wed, June 10: Schoogle Day!

Mon, Aug 17: Institute Day (at Madison all day)

Mon, Aug 17: 3-4PM Meet and Treat

Tue, Aug 18: Teacher Work Day

Wed, Aug 19: First Day (Grades 1-12)

Thu, Aug 20: First Day (EC-Kindergarten)

Mon, Aug 31: Curriculum Night (Grades K, 1, 2)

Wed, Sep 2: Curriculum Night (Grades 3, 4, 5)

Thu, Sep 3: Picture Day

Wed, Sep 16 and 17: Madison Run-a-Thon

Fri, Sep 25: Institute Day

Sat, Sep 26: PTA Trivia Night (new night)

Tues, Oct 27: Parent/Teacher Conferences

Thurs, Oct 29: Parent/Teacher Conferences

Thu, Nov 12: Multi-Cultural Day

Fri, Nov 13: Teacher Work Day