Notes from the Band Room #6

October 11, 2015

GBS Homecoming Parade This Saturday!

Our first official performance for the year is this Saturday. PLEASE turn in your permission slip on Monday if you haven't yet taken care of that. Another copy is attached with details for the day.

This Week In Band

Please follow our yellow lesson sheets carefully. Attendance at lessons is SO important.
**There is a new edition of the Jigsaw lesson schedule. It is attached to this email and added to the lesson folder on Schoology.
**All 6th grade lessons will be on Wednesday due to Parent-Teacher conferences.

You can always check the morning rehearsals on our website: calendar (make sure to refresh your screen). You can subscribe to the rehearsal calendar by clicking on the "+GoogleCalendar" button on the bottom right of the calendar.

iPad users can sync the band calendar to the iCal app! Here it is: BOC Calendar

Special note: 7th graders, I know the Constitution Test is this week. If you have rehearsal on Tuesday morning, please know that Mr. Glim said he would work with you on Monday morning. Please email him to let him know you'll be there.
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Do you know Flyer Band Alumni?

If so, please ask them to email me ( to be featured in our interviews this year.

Parent-Teacher Concerences

If you'd like to schedule a conference with me, please email.
While not band-specific, I thought this article was timely:


If your student is showing great interest in band and needs a musical challenge, please consider private lessons on bassoon or French horn. I can get you started, lend you an instrument and a beginning book, and recommend a private teacher. These instruments help complete the sound and balance of the ensemble.
Please contact me through email for further information.

Parents are invited to visit the band room.

Parents are encouraged to attend any rehearsal from 7:20-8:15 to see exactly how middle school band musicians learn and rehearse music. Even if your child is less than eager to practice at home for you, visitors will see how much our musicians love playing their instruments with a group. An audience makes it even more fun!