be yourself

TO be original is to brave disgrace

The many reign - the various few are naught

All in one favoured pattern must be wrought,

Lopped, squeezed, repressed, the noble with the base -

The whole smoothed down to one unfeatured face;

Religion, genius, instinct, fancy, thought,

All to one narrow mould and fashion brought,

One middle level of dull commonplace.

Break out, my honest brother, brave and strong,

Thou that dost keep a living conscience still!

Give thy true thought to unconventioned speech!

Sink not dear Self in the one-liveried throng,

But sprout and spread like growing tree at will,

And thine own individual stature reach.

The speaker of the poem - is someone who is urging the audience to be themselves.

The motivation - is that we be original even in the face of ridicule.

Summary - To be yourself is to be brave despite others negativity. Some reign, others are nothing remade into the same as a thousand before the same boring shape. Break free from that uniform - do not become a servant like the many before you. Instead be yourself, and you will achieve greatness.

Tone - Inspired

Theme - Be yourself, be original - resist from following the crowd.

Rhyme Scheme - Closed form, end rhyme. The two different stanzas had different rhyme schemes, the first one going "ABBA", while the second stanza went "CDE"

Audioslave - Be Yourself

The song is talking about two different people having completely different reactions to the same event. One having good stuff happen, the other, bad things. But that is just because thats who they are, and who they try to be.
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This self portrait of Vincent Van Gogh is showing him as he is. He wants to show what sets him apart as an individual, He is an artist, he shows himself with the paints in his hand.
311 - Reconsider Everything (lyrics on description)

When the song says "every time you ignore your heart, it comes back twice more" it is advising the listeners to follow their hearts, or they will regret it. Also, when the song says "never deny your instincts" it is stating that if your gut says that something is wrong, follow your instincts and make your own decision.