March Newsletter

Written by the students of 5W

Writer's Workshop by Tommy, Meredith, and Lily

In Writing, we finished our persuasive essays. We hung them up and they are displayed in our classroom. Now we are working on our explorer research papers. We have been researching paper packets and our social studies books. We are also making speculations on what the explorers are trying to find and do. For example we can write a paragraph and use words to add on or to or stretch it out. For example,” I wonder…”, “It must have been….”. We are also using our social studies books to find out where they wanted to go. Some of the explorers went to Florida, Canada, and the West Indies or tried to go to Asia. The next part of writing will be writing an essay about our own explorer.

Reader's Workshop by Courtenay, Callum, Will Cody

In Reading there are a bunch of different reading groups. The four group books are Bridge to Terebithia, Tuck Everlasting, The Witch of BlackBird Pond, and Zlata’s Dairy.
In the groups we write questions down. The way we write the question is we have to use cards that have questioning strategies. One of the strategies says, “What you would use to classify ________.” Another example is, “Can you recall ______?” After that the other members in the group answer the questions during our group discussion.
Another thing we do in Reading is we write a summary on each chapter we read. What we have to include in the summary is the most important events in the chapter and what the characters do.
Also in Reading we do Journeys. In Journeys we have been reading small stories and answering a flow chart or a compare and contrast chart. In the beginning we read as a class for the first half and then we can go to the back rug and read in a small group, read with a partner, or read by yourself. We also do a vocabulary game every week. Some of the games include Memory and Taboo.

Math by Gianna, Kate, and Ryan

This month in math, we’ve been mostly working on fractions. To get started, we made ice cream sundaes with fraction, decimals and percentages. When we made ice cream sundaes we got to cut out an ice cream flavor. Then we had to glue down our chosen ice cream scoops on the paper. We also made a menu with the fractions on how many ice cream scoops we have of the flavor in the sundae. We also multiplied fractions with mixed numbers. Then we played a math game called Fraction Action Fraction Friction. To play the game, our partner will pick two fraction cards, and then we chose another card if we think that we can get closer to two. The objective of the game is to try to get as close to two as you can without going over. Mrs. Wagner also taught us how to convert improper fractions into mixed numbers and how to convert mixed numbers into improper fractions. We worked very hard this month and even finished a long week of P.A.R.C.C.!

Science by Will G., Jack S., Jack L.

In our latest science lessons we did a lot of work on observing objects using a hand lens or 3-D acrylic shapes. We observed things such as pennies and newspaper letters. Next we will be observing seeds and an onion’s cells. We also watched videos about germs. We started using microscopes to observe objects. We will also be observing 3 different living organisms. The three organisms are Volvox , Blepharisma, and Vinegar Eels. That’s what we have been doing this month in science.

Social Studies by Leena, Brice, and Jake

For social studies we are working on researching explorers. First we started out by studying a bunch of famous explorers. Now we all have one explorer that we are studying and reading about and we have each been making a poster with all of our explorer's information. Our posters include the explorer's birthdate, his story on what he explored and why, and the things he was looking for on his journey. We also had to write quotes, facts, and something we learned about him. We presented them at the community meeting and told the audience who our explorer was and one fun fact. It was really fun!

School Happenings by Abby, Sam, and Katharine

Do you remember that one snow-day when the teachers/principals etc. made a video? In the video participants sang about our wonderful day off! Just a disclaimer for all of you who loved the singing in the video, it was the HIGHSCHOOLERS singing when the stars of the video lip-synced. So if you liked the singing maybe you should go see a play! Did you know that Dr. Seuss’ birthday was on March 2nd ? Our school celebrated his birthday on March 6th because of a snow day and 2 hour delays. In the school library we did some fun activities. For example, we had the audio Dr. Seuss book station, the biography station, the checkout station, and the rhyming station. As all of you might know, grades 3-5 had PARCC testing the week of March 9th. 5th grade had English Language Arts testing and Math. PARCC replaced the NJASK. During the testing we had extra recess! Also we had a Hip-Hop assembly on March 20th. There were 4 guys who showed us moves. One really cool set of moves they showed us was called top rock. Some kids from classes went up to try the dance. But a very fun/funny part was when teachers went up to dance! There is a video below! I think the whole school loved dancing and music! Hit the lights and pull the curtains and purchase a 2015 Talent show track. The first act was the teachers act. The teachers act was about all of the teachers telling us reasons why they think they should lose the first week of summer. Mr Bissinger dressed up as Olaf as he lip synched the song In Summer. Some of the acts people in our class did were, Surfing USA, Living in the centuries, Shark attack, Cruising for a Bruising, and finally Girls just Want to Have Fun. The MC’s in our class were Courtenay Mackey, Abby Reenock, and Meredith Simms. Tommy was on stage crew. It was a fun night!

Class Happenings by Samir, Connor, and Joey

This month in school a lot of things have been happening in our classroom. These things include projects with our buddies, birthdays, a tissue problem and a special project. With our buddies we celebrated Saint Patrick ’s Day by creating a shamrock! We also read them Dr. Seuss books in honor of Dr.Seuss’s birthday and Read Across America Day. We brought books from home that we thought our buddies would like and read it to them. We would like to give a special birthday shout out to the March birthdays. Jack LoCascio’s birthday was on the 3rd, Gianna Caruso’s birthday was on the 8th, Meredith Simms birthday was on the 21st and Samir Marwaha’s is on the 31st. Allergy season is here and we don’t have any tissues in our classroom. If you have any tissues please consider donating them to our classroom.


The last thing we have been working on is a special project in reading. We will make a character from a book out of a bottle and Styrofoam ball. We must complete a 1-1.5 page summary about the book. This project is due on April 24th and there is a rubric that we must do our best to complete.

This month has been an action packed in the classroom and we hope you enjoyed hearing about it!

5W Hard at Work!

Students dancing at our Assembly
Hip Hop Fundamentals Assembly- teachers and students dancing!