About Me!!

Chelsey Wallander

Family and Friends

My family and friends are very supportive of me and the things I do. I have three other family members that live in my house. My mom, dad, and brother do everything with me and my other family members live across Missouri as well. My friends are the best they know how to make me laugh and cry or anything else. My friends and family are what get me through life.


This year of school has been the best yet! I played my first year of school basketball and loved it. All of my classes are fun and I an able to keep my grades up. I can't wait until high school to make more memories.

Hobbies and Interests

I love to play basketball when I am at home. It gives me something to do and it helps me practice my ablilities for the next season. I also like to draw, when I draw I get to express my feelings and just relax. I also like to sleep just to rest makes me feel really refreshed.