Laila Z.


-everyone would get equal amount of money.
-Capitalism allows the economy to grow exponentially.

-social good

how it works

Capitalism is an economic system in which wealth, and the means of producing wealth, are privately owned. It is the exchange of supplies or goods between businesses and the people for money.

The economy is in charge of capitalism. People have jobs they are paid by working in different places. If they need something they can go to the store and buy it. If they want to sell things they can create a company and sell things.


Inherited Wealth and Wealth inequality. A capitalist society is based on legal right to private property and the ability to pass on to future generations. Capitalists argue that a capitalist society is fair because you gain the rewards of your hard work. But sometimes people are rich because they inherit wealth or are born into a privileged class. Capitalist society not only fails to create equality of outcome but also fails also fails to provide equality of opportunity.


Capitalism is great because everyone wants freedom and own their own business or company.

  • Wealth
  • Growth
  • Social good
  • Equality
  • Happiness

Why Capitalism Works