Bearcat Weekly

Jan 30 - Feb 3rd

Bearcat Praises

Thank you all for making this a great week at PPIS!!

I really appreciate the great discussions and feedback from our learning walks this week. It was interesting to hear the different perspectives everyone had at the various grade levels. One thing that almost every group said was how well the kids were behaving when they went into the room. That's a testament to all your hard work with them in class and the fact that we truly have some amazing kids here!

Thanks to our 4th grade ELAR teachers and the great progress our kids are making in writing. Mrs Cooper, Mrs. Hammons and Mrs. Lane are all exceptional teachers and have worked extremely hard this year with their kids. As Mrs. Lane mentioned in our meeting their writing workshop is going great and it's really neat to see what all their kids are writing about and the quality of what they are writing!

5th Grade GT project. We have some talented kids!

6th Graders showing their Tenacity!

3rd Grade list on the all the Good Things they love about PPIS

Ms. Lovick had her 3rd graders come up with a list about why they love PPIS. It's a great list and some funny comments too. Gotta love 3rd grade!
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Art Gallery

Here are some images from Mrs. McGee's art class. We have some great artists in the building!

Welcome Back to PPIS Coach David!

For those who missed the announcement yesterday, Coach Danny David was named as the new AD/Head Football coach. Most of you will know him as Dawson (4th grade) and Dakota's (7th grade) dad! I've heard a lot of great things about him and wish him the best of luck leading our Bearcats!!

Such a Great Reminder that we all the need to be Champions for our kids!

Every kid needs a champion | Rita Pierson

Upcoming Events for the Next Two Weeks

Jan 31 - 4th Grade Writing Benchmark and 5th Grade Math

Feb 1 - 5th Grade Reading Benchmark

Feb 1 - Campus Leadership Team meeting after school

Feb 3 - Dr. Smith (dentist) present to 3rd graders during specials

Feb 6 - Begin incorporating working memory activities during Social Studies for 4th and 5th grade

Feb 7 - 3rd and 4th grade Perot Museum Field Trip

Feb 8 - 5th and 6th Perot Museum Field Trip

Feb 10 - Middle School to speak to 6th grade during specials about registration

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Have an Outstanding Weekend and thanks for all you do!!