D.H.W. will change the world and make it better.

What is D.H.W.?

D.H.W. is a 3-D holographic watch. The 3-D holographic watch is basically an advanced watch. D.H.W. is a watch that you can call people on. If the person you're calling picks up, it will show a hologram of the person you are talking to. You can talk to the person clearly, and also hear the person clearly.

Where does D.H.W. sell?

D.H.W. sells at a shop that we made called Reloj. Reloj is Spanish for "watch". Reloj sells all kinds of watches like Apple watches, regular watches, and especially the holographic watch.

When does D.H.W. come in handy?

D.H.W. comes in handy when you want to see someone and also talk to someone. Also you can show them where you are. You can also see what the person you are talking to looks like.