Medicine Of Civil War

Katrina Dominguez

Getting to know the medicine during the Civil War

Medicine during the Civil War wasn't the best as of today's medicine but doctors and women did their best to cure deadly disease, and tried healing bloody wounds.Sadly we lacked in hospitalization and a lot of men died because of that.As of the multiple men coming in one after another with wounds and sickness this sped up the discovery of medicine we use today.Medicine during the civil war wasn't found quickly it took time because when the civil war started we were berly learning concepts in the hospital department .Medicines were general created as a new disease was occurred we had to eventually find something to cure it.Thanks to "westphal" he was the one who wanted to find and discovery new cures for the sick people.Medicine during the civil war wasn't easy but they managed to help the people they could.

Medicines we used during the Civil War

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