Learn about this religon with Brian,Cate, and Cleo!

What is Islam

Islam is a monotheistic religion(only one god).It was founded by a prophet named Muhammad. It has over 1,500,000,000 followers!It is one of the big 3 religions along with Christianity and Judaism.There followers called Muslims take up one fifth of humanity.The Islam religion has seven fundamental beliefs. The first is belief in Allah or God.The second is belief in angles(good and bad).The third one is beliefs in revealed book of Allah or God.The fourth one is belief in Allah's many prophets(including Adam,Abraham,Mosses,David,and others that Christians and Jews are familiar the fifth is accepting that there will be a last day.Then the sixth is belief in divine measurement of human affairs.Last but certainly not least the seventh is belief in life after death(just like Christianity).

The main thing

  1. Followers of the Islam religion are called Muslims
  2. Their key beliefs are the five pillars of faith(Faith,prayer,charity,fasting and making a pig ramie to Markka)
  3. They pray 5x a day and fast during Ramadan to go to Mecca Mosque(built to enclose the Ka'bah,the holiest shrine in Islam)
  4. A Mosque is a Muslim place of worship
  5. They're worship leaders are called Imam(person who leads prayers in a mosque)
  6. They call they're holy book Qu'ran(Koran)
  7. They call they're holidays Eid Al-Fitr(when Muslims under go a series of fasting) and Eid Al-Adha(celebration of Abraham's willingness)
  8. They're holy city\place is Mecca because it was the center of muslim pilgramige


Abraham just like god is in all three religions as the same people!
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