Helping the Helpless

Who we are and what we do

The name of our organization is PAC. It means, Protecting Animals from Cruelty. We help, rescue, and adopt animals that were abused and left behind. At our home location, we feed, brush, walk, take animals to go get checked by professional vets, and clean our animals regularly to make sure that the animals are healthy and in shape. We take in farm animals, pets and more. Our organization also helps out with Humane Wildlife organizations. We try to save and help animals and support other organizations that try to do the same thing. PAC also goes on missions in cities, towns and neighborhoods to find and help poor helpless animals. Some of the saddest stories turn out to be the best because of people that help and volunteer at PAC. We have saved and helped people adopt over 200 domesticated and trained animals. At PAC, we make sure our animals, and soon to be yours, are safe and on the bridge of happy and healthy. So grab your keys, volunteer, and help us save a life!


Chloe and Caroline were juniors in 1996 learning about animals at their High School. Something interested and inspired them about animals. “Animals are a big part of our lives and we are very eager to learn more about them and how we can help prevent animal abuse.”, said Chloe and Caroline. Later in their senior year, they did research about their own pets and Chloe and Caroline discovered that one of Chloe’s dogs was abused in the past. Chloe’s dog Darla, ( a pit mix), was abused when she had puppies. She is a very sweet dog and even Chloe’s cousin said that Darla acts amazing for being abused. This inspired Chloe and Caroline that possibly any dog and be helped and can change. Pit Bulls are one of their main targets, Chloe’s dog Darla, had shown them, and now they have to show others. They then created the organization PAC once they got out of college. PAC stands for, Protecting Animals from Cruelty. They have been working in PAC for 3 years and have helped people adopt hundreds of abused animals, and have worked on behavioral issues. Help and join the PAC today or donate!

FAQ's and anwsers

What is Animal Abuse? Animal abuse is when you beat or harm an animal in any way whether it is starving it or beating it.

What type of Animals do you take in? We take in any type of animal except for wild animals.

What do you do? We take in animals that have been abused or neglected and treat them and find them a forever home.

How do you take care of the Animals? We take care of them giving them whatever they might need.

How do you get your money? We get our money through donations and fundraisers. (example walks, bake sales, etc.)

Where are you located? We are found in Cedar Park, Texas.

Do you have volunteers to help you with your work? Yes, we do have volunteers that help us.

What do you do with the animals on a regular basis? We treat them and give them whatever they might need.

Do you have specialized veterinarians to take care of your animals? We do have specialized veterinarians to help us with our work.

How much does it cost to adopt an Animal? It depends on the type of animal you want.

Mission statement

Showing others to the path of helping the helpless.


- loves animals

- has a degree as a veterinarian

- went to Texas A & M

- speaks English, Spanish, and French


- lover of animals

- has a degree as a veterinarian

- went to Texas A&M

- speaks English, French, and German



About 65% of animal abuse is with dogs.

18% of animal abuse happens with cats.

25% of animal abuse happens with other animals.

How Many Animals Are Killed or Abused?

About 1 million animals are abused or killed with domestic violence.

Signs of Neglect, what people will do, and abuse

People who will keep more animals than needed are called hoarders.

People will move and leave their animals behind. This is a sign of neglect.

People will beat their animals. When you see this, you shouldn't just turn away.

What is abandonment and how many are affected?

Animal abandonment is when you leave an animal behind and never return. Between 6-8 million animals are affected.


Here are 2 examples of what happens when you abandon an animal:

- A fine of up to $1000.

- And/or up to 1 year in jail.

This is what can happen when you abuse animals, SO DON'T DO IT!!!!!

Puppy mills

Puppy mills are commercial dog breeding operations .Some examples of health problems caused by puppy mills are heart disease, epilepsy ( seizures), and deafness. These can lead up to more problems later in life.