November 16, 2015

Last Week:

This past week, after taking the division pretest, the students worked on Math CATS - our version of Math Workshop.

C - Create a Doceri to explain how to use quick pics to model division partial quotients.

A - Apply your division skills as you play division games with a partner

T - Technology - continue to work on the CarMax Challenge

S - Small groups met with Mrs. Fullhart to clear up some questions that came up through the students' answers on the pretest.

This Week:

This week we will be working on:
  • Going over the 1st practice Math Olympiad practice test
  • Continue with Math CATS - Create, Apply, Technology, Small Groups
  • iStation
  • Math Olympiad Test 1 on Wednesday!
  • Division Quiz on Friday

Continue the Carmax Challenge

Practice Problems

Here are a couple of problems we worked on last week in small groups.

Max had 388 nickels and 512 pennies in his piggy bank and decided to place most of his money in his saving account. Nickels are bundled into rolls of 20 and pennies are bundled into rolls of 25. He placed all of the coins that fit into the rolls in his savings account. He took the rest of it home to feed to his piggy bank. What was the value of the money that went back into the piggy?

Kurt rode his bike 3 days this month. He rode twice as long on Tuesday than he did on Monday and 3 times as far on Wednesday than he did on Tuesday. He rode a total of 162 miles this week. How many miles did Kurt ride on Tuesday?

What Can You Do at Home?

Many times parents and kids ask, "What can we be doing at home?"

First - practice your math facts! There are many games and apps available for this.

Second - problem solving! Many students can "do the math" but often have trouble figuring out what to do. Here are a few good places to start - and your child already has an account at most!

Sumdog - you child has an account here as well. There are games to play and contests to enter. Lots of fun!

Prodigy - Students will be logging in and joining this game, this week.

Math Olympiad - we will be participating again this year - Glenhope will have 4 teams! The first competition is Wednesday, November 18. Click HERE to go to their problem of the month page.