The First Inaugural Speech

By Nick Bender, Grant Schumacher, and Evan Samborsky

We want to put an end to the Great Depression by employing people, lowering taxes, and get trade flowing again

Only about 75% of people are employed

taxes are at a high rate of up to 63%

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We would like the government to organize the banks so that we can have strict supervision over Investments and credit

We would then be able to monitor the amount of money borrowed from banks and debt of people

We want the U.S. economy restored as a first priority, then comes foreign trade

This is to help ensure that our government is up and running before we worry about selling the normal amount of exports

We then want people to act together to figure out our problems, act under one flag

If we act apart from eachother then we will end up in even more debt and waste all the things those who came before us worked on to start and keep this country going

We lastly would like to have more executive powers to help make quicker, decisive decisions

The executive branch should hold more power to help quickly fix the problems at hand, to he start the US economy again and to help prevent foreign attack