Printing your flyers

Hand them out or just post them on a bulletin board!

New from Smore - high quality flyer prints!

Ever wanted to just print a Smore flyer to use it offline? Maybe you want to hang it on a bulletin board or hand them out at your event? Now it's easier than ever to get a high quality print of any flyer you make!
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So how do you print?

Save to PDF

If you want to save to PDF, it's easy if you're using Google Chrome.

From the browser's "Print" dialog, you can easily "Save to PDF" by choosing that as your printer and printing normally.

Flyer doesn't fit on one page when printing?

Flyers that are too long will not fit into just one page when printing.

Pro users can download a JPEG image of their flyer and scale it to fit one page. For more about downloading a JPEG image of a flyer, see this flyer.

Smore Tip: If your Smore flyer or newsletter is very long, we recommend using the "Minimal" design Templates. This will give your print a more uniform look and feel for those long fancy newsletters that all of your viewers love reading!